Halo series sells 25m worldwide

During the keynote speech as CES, Microsoft's Robbie Bach has revealed that the Halo franchise has sold a total of 25 million units, and the average Halo player has spent around 150 hours online with the first-person shooter.

He also pinned a date on the upcoming Halo Wars – the last title from Ensemble Studios – set for release in the US on February 28, with a demo due on Xbox Live on February 5.

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Capt CHAOS3507d ago

Even if that does include Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3. These games seem to continue to sell on and on. Even Halo is a great game. Worth owning Halo for the campaign, skip Halo 2 and get Halo 3 for the campaign and the online..

creeping judas3507d ago

I recently bought HALO CE thru the XBOX originals on market place, just to play the game that made me like FPS. Prior to HALO CE I would not play FPS, I was all about the RPG and racing games.

Man it brings back memories. The only thing is the game is not optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio.

gambare3507d ago

let's not forget that halo 1 and 2 was released on PC

Bill3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

That is a lot and a great accomplishment...yet no one quite pats the Metal Gear series or the Grand Turismo series on the back quite so much. When MS gets another series, that is not a FPS because we all know Gears will join this list soon, then we can be impressed. When teh best and most accomplished/acknowledged games you have are all FPS, I see a real concern with expanding your user base.

Dread3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

hey bill metal gear is not exclusive to sony

i know u need to hate on halo, but at least try to make some sense.

kudos for halo

it was the first game which made me like playing fps in consoles. before halo i was only interested in fps for pc.

so basically halo significantly expanded the fps market. hate away but i will always recognize


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Very impressive.

I don't actually like it that much, but i'll take my hat off to Bungie. Congratulations.

user94220773507d ago

What you would expect from the halo series, it's still one of the most played game in the world

Chicken Chaser3507d ago

Congrats! a real milestone in modern gaming

I hope bungie or whoever makes the next halo games impress the hell out of us

but anyways..thanks for halo 3 ...its 09 and i still can't put the multiplayer down.... i love it to death...its fun, tactical ( if you know how to play ) , and needs skills not like soo many games these days

even thou it lags like hell..they are always coming up with updates..and new features and it seems they really care about their games and making them better in anyway they can

so again..congrats bungie!

Chubear3507d ago

A miles stone?... are you kidding me?

So over 50mill with franchises like Mario, Grand Turismo, GTA etc etc are what then? Oh I get it, iz teh halo so it's the first FPS, first online MP & first ever video game >.>

Halo1&2 sold 15mill combined... how did that help the xbox compete with less than 25mill on the market? Question is, how will halo3 help the 360 this gen even with 10mill sold?

Anon19743507d ago

This kinda left me scratching my head as well. 25 million Halo titles sold between Halo, 2,3, PC...well that's all great and all, but who cares? If Sony came out and said "Final Fantasy has sold 50 million copies on the various Playstations" I'd again, scratch my head and wonder outloud "Yeah, that's nice. What's your point, exactly? Final Fantasy is popular? We knew that. What exactly does this have to do with anything here at the CES?"

I guess maybe they think people had forgot they had 2 new Halo games due out this year. Maybe it's time to break out the Extreme Green Halo Mountain Dew Slurpees at 7-11 again, just to make sure we don't forget.

Chicken Chaser3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )


what the heck?

Both the xbox 360 and xbox consoles userbase combined are not even half of playstation 1 userbase and you are going to tell me that this is not good?

Granturismo franchise sold 50 million units across ps1 ( 102 million ) + PS2 (140 Millions ) + PS3 ( 20 millions) with over 8 installments of Gran Turismo and 11 demos witch some of them were sold in retail copies

a series that sold over 50 million units world wide since 1994 with and installed userbase of 262 million consoles and 8 installments its a milestone

but the halo series selling 25 m world wide ..with 3 games and 2 consoles with a 50 million userbase since 2002 its not a mile stone? considering this games are selled at a price point higher than ps1 and old nintendo games?

Try Harder

heyheyhey3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

"with 3 games and 2 consoles"

wrong... Halo 1 and 2 were on the PC

"8 installments of the GT series"

only 4 of the main one's that people actually buy.. wait a sec where did you get 8 from?

kewlkat0073507d ago

Dark the Xbox BRAND is a new Brand and is not as popular as Sony's o rNintendos's. MS does not have as much years or the gaming library/Franchises Sony have created or Stolen from Nintendo the last 15 years.

A Milestone is a milstone and when whatever it is, "this being a game" gets to one, it is noted.

Like Chicken Chaser said currently both Original Xbox and Xbox 360 have yet to sell what the Original PS1 sold in it's lifetime(probally still selling somewhere). For a franchise like halo to sell 25 million looking at both xbox's user-base is crazy and is worth noted or pointing out.

I'm sure at one point Sony/Nintendo came out with a game(probally more) with milestones in their lifetime. But it's jus tMS turn for now seeing they are still #3 in Brand Name and still need more Exclusive franchises like the Halo one. A lot of 3rd-Party games/studios made Sony, what it is today. Plenty that were Exclusive for a while.

Anon19743507d ago

Do you remember when the Gran Turismo series hit 25 million? Grand Theft Auto? Final Fantasy? Mario games? Anything? Because I don't.

And that was my point. Just taking some arbitrary stat and calling it a milestone doesn't make it a milestone. No one else is doing this. It really just seems like MS wanted something to crow about so they made something up. They could have just as easily said "Ah ha! We've now moved 75 million charge and play kits AND controllers! Everyone dance!"

Picking one stat over 3 games, 2 console generations and 2 PC releases just smacks of "We wanted something impressive sounding so we made picked a random stat and somehow made it newsworthy!"

OOG3507d ago

for any games to sell 25 million copies is a milestone you moron so why dont you grow up and stop being a little fanboy?

Bzone243506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

It's not like sony doesn't announce milestones. This past year they made an announcement about the gt series hitting 50 million shipped. Were you guys up-in-arms then?

Yep darkride66, sony picked one stat over 4 main games and countless secondary games, spanned over 3 console generations. They just wanted something impressive sounding so we made picked a random stat and somehow made it newsworthy! lol

kewlkat0073506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

No but Sony announced it at 50 million..still an announcement

The Gran Turismo franchise has sold 50 million units worldwide


"Gran Turismo Tops 50 Million
New milestone for the world's biggest racing series."

darkride66 stop whining..about everything Ms

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Speed-Racer3507d ago

its a good game, so it was expected