UK households spend 6 hours gaming per week - survey

A survey conducted by Deloitte has revealed that the average UK household plays over six hours of videogames each week.

The survey, conducted with 2,023 consumers ages 14-75, further revealed that 55 per cent chose console gaming, while 30 per cent chose PC or Mac gaming.

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Capt CHAOS3506d ago

Though it's more like 15 for me..

And I've not even purchased Gears of war 2. Or got my hands on Fable II from my son yet.

Still busy playing TFC :-) And Fallout 3. I'll then go back to crackdown and play that and finish off COD and HL2.. I don't think I'll be in the market to buy a game for a while yet..

user94220773506d ago

I spend an average of 20 hours gaming a week, pfff, 6 hours lol

user94220773506d ago

Not really, most gamers spend an average of 60 hours a week in the UK