Bethesda to raise Fallout level cap to 30

Eurogamer: "Bethesda Softworks plans to raise the Fallout 3 level cap to 30 in the upcoming downloadable content for the game.

"Along with removing the game's 'ending' with Broken Steel, we figure raising the level cap would allow them to [enjoy the game for longer]. We plan on raising it to level 30 - but it will be a long, hard climb to get there!" the DLC's lead producer Jeff Gardiner told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview today.

Broken Steel will be the third instalment of DLC and is due out in March. The bulk of today's interview - and three new screenshots - concern the first part, Operation: Anchorage, which is due out this month."

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Hellsvacancy3419d ago

Were not gettin any Dlc which sucks, i stopped playin Fallout when i reached 20Xp it was a proper let down with that damn cap!!!

Tempist3419d ago

IMHO the game as is (vanilla) is very, very disappointing in the capping and how the main story plays out. It's unfortunate that Bethesda decided to try out the DLC money train, but sadly this is expected given that they've moved onto consoles.

I await the massive huge full package for the PC, how long I wait is unknown...

PS360WII3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Well the PC already has dlc not coming to the consoles. G.E.C.K. the map editor which you could make a whole new town with people and dialog as well! That's pretty cool but only for PC :( though you are probably right Tempist there will be a pack later. After all they did get a few GOTY awards so there will be that edition coming out later in the year ;)

edit: but the game as is rocks the house >< no way it's a disappointment!

gaffyh3419d ago

The game is awesome, the Level 20 cap was disappointing, but I can see why they did it. Because at the end of the game you would just be too good at Level 99, so it forces you to choose perks carefully and upgrade certain skills more than others.

vhero3419d ago

talk about shafting ps3 owners! and they wonder why people ain't buying the ps3 versions these days... Lucky I got 360 and PS3 version :p

chasuk083419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I got the PS3 version not knowing about this exclusive DLC, but i dont really care. Even if I had the 360 version I wouldnt pay the price of another game for some extra levels. Same if it was exclusive PS3 dlc.

DLC is pointless and who actually buys it anyway. I wish these developers would stop making DLC and start making new games. Especially Rockstar North.

But i do agree about the level cap. But then if they did remove it would people buy the DLC ? Probably not

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Capt CHAOS3419d ago

I hope the PS3 owners get this too, despite the stories of no DLC on the PS3. Everyone deserves this in this great game.

thereapersson3419d ago

You can already do this in the PC version through the console. It's a shame that the PS3 version got shafted, but whatever...

Fishy Fingers3419d ago

They may remove the level cap if your lucky. You might miss the extra content, but I think that's the least they can do. I haven't played much of F3 but my buddies have moaned about the cap quite a few times.

YouNoob3419d ago

remove the ps3 from this, nothing to do with it. 360/PC only, what else.
besides that why would anyone play this on the ps3? it looks crap and the crappy controller doesnt help either. on the 360 on the other hand it's a treat, a gem of a game, simply a masterpiece. as we all can see it wasnt possible on the ps due its limitations.

thereapersson3419d ago

And we can plainly see that intelligent comments aren't possible due to the limitations of your brain...

YouNoob3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

i just have to count your bubbles and it shows you're a ps3 fanboy. or havent you heard yet, that the more bubble the dumber the user? well you are the prove little noob.

so why is f3 looking crap on the patchstation? please tell me. or why doesnt it get DLC? I can tell you, because the handful of ppl who buy games on the delaystation, are simply not worth it to cater for. got it? doubt it.

besides that, has this story anything to do with the ps3? nope it doesnt, just like the gaystation hasnt much to do with gaming.

thereapersson3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Actually, you internet mongoloid, I have so many bubbles because I provide interesting & (normally) insightful commentary, which is a far cry from what your (obviously) limited fanboy agenda will allow.

You really need to grow up. Seriously. There's a reason you only have two bubbles and are stuck in the Open Zone, and it isn't "because of PS3 fanboys".

Syko3419d ago

I love this game and can't wait for all 3 DLC packs. Plus with a raise to 30 this game is going to get me over 150 hours easy. Already sounds like great additions to the game.

At least it wont be a huge let down like Mass Effect DLC....Here's a moon that is kind of fun for a few hours, Then...Here are some Crickets. =/

Captain Tuttle3419d ago

That Mass Effect DLC was disappointing. And they never followed up with anything else.

PS360WII3419d ago

PSh I got up to 150 hours without the DLC :)

Though I am getting pumped up for the extra missions and that rise of level cap. I wonder what the new ending will be as well. They already have a couple endings!

True on the Mass Effect dlc. It was fun and could be played a few times to see the different conversations/happenings but yeah it was only one. Why didn't they give us another one :(

Syko3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Well PS360WII, I think this is where I insert the "Get a job blast" Seriously. Even though I bought this game Day 1 I was playing Fable II and finishing a few other games...Plus Gears of War 2, So I back-burnered this game and just got into it major around a month ago...Now my biggest problem is finding the time to play it non-stop. Stupid Job! It is the bringer of games and the reason I can't play them!

Seriously though I have seen you on my Friends List tearing it up. I am like damn, This dude plays a lot of FO3. =)

I could see easily getting to 150-200hrs without the DLC too BTW.

PS360WII3419d ago

lol yeah I do have a job but what I did was not play Gears2 and I had pretty much finished my Fable 2 game when I picked up Fallout.

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