The Godfather II Confirmed Release Date & Pre-Order Incentive

Electronic Arts Inc. and Paramount Digital Entertainment today announced that The Godfather II videogame is set for release in the UK on March 6th. The Godfather II allows players to both act like a mobster and think like a Don, by immersing them in a 1960's organized crime world. As a Don, players can build a crew and grow their family in an effort to become the most powerful mob syndicate in America. Players will be able to choose how and when to use their Made men, either by commanding them directly in battle as part of their crew, or by sending them to do a job in another part of the world – bombing rival family rackets, attacking their businesses, or defending your own.

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Cwalat3481d ago

is it just me or is this like a flop?

i mean, what differences are there to the prior games?

i'll wait for more Mafia 2 footage.. and decide weither or not to go back all the way to the 50's in 09.

creeping judas3481d ago

Is February 24th one of the dumbest release dates for a mediocre game to be released???