The Lost Issue of EGM: Exposed

Kombo writes, "EGM has had a long and storied history in the games industry. Unfortunately, what you see above is the ill fated cover of the last EGM ever completed. In the sudden confusion of the the Hearst/UGO takeover, it seems that this issue will never get the chance to hit store shelves or subscriber's mailboxes.

So will we ever get to see the swan song of what some consider to be the definitive print magazine in games media? We got the word straight from the mouth of former EGM Editor and Chief, James Mielke..."

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CrAppleton3511d ago

This sucks so bad it isn't even funny.. This is the only mag. that I've had a subscription to for years..

Neco5123511d ago

i stopped reading these a couple months ago anyway, but they will still be sadly missed, i still like, it's a terrible thing

CrAppleton3511d ago is an amazing site.. It's crazy to think that someone can just go in and buy this type of business out and shut it down.. It's a shame.. damn shame..

Montrealien3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

so what's a shame? A company buying a site and reorganizing it, or Ziff Davis closing own EGM and selling of the 1up Network because they are broke? I mean, the problem started with Ziff Davis selling 1up and closing egm ect, UGO atm is the reason 1up has a second chance and not closing down completly. sometimes I wonder if anone understands this.

CrAppleton3511d ago

I would imagine that every person who got fired would be able to find a new home with a resume that includes the likes of EGM

bgrundman3511d ago

Lets hope so, because there were alot of talented people that lost their jobs... Hopefully they can all land on their feet.

ANoobsJourney3511d ago

My EGM subscription runs out in like 3 years from now. Will I be refunded anything because of them shutting it down? Thanks!

BoneMagnus3511d ago

I recently renewed my subscription. They will probably substitute some mag we don't care about - that's what happened when they stopped publishing XBN - Xbox Nation.

bgrundman3511d ago

I am in the same boat as all of you guys. It makes me wonder if they ever think about the readers when they make a decision like this.

beavis4play3511d ago

they'll give you your money back, but in 2 similar situations- i had to call and tell a mag i was owed money. if you notify shouldn't have any problem getting your money.

BrianC62343511d ago

Luckily my subscription runs out 01-2010 so I won't lose too much. I have a feeling we won't see a dime. The last couple years were from other Ziff Davis magazines I subscribed to and they closed down. They moved my remaining issues to EGM. I don't think they have anything left to do that with. Do they have any magazines left or are they dead?

Cheeseknight283511d ago

I had received EGM for years but lately I was just going on free offers so I would feel bad asking them to "refund" that money. I still remember when GameNow went out of circulation (AKA Expert Gamer / EGM2), never asked for anything back then either.

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gumgum993511d ago

Great magazine. I've read EGM for about 3-4 years and its definately one of the best magazines I've ever read. My personal favorite section is the "Game over" tab section. The humor in some of the articles there is so funny I ROFL every time.

this sure is a sad lost for me, and I know I'm not alone on this one.

belowradar3511d ago

I've been a subscriber for about 3 years and it was definitely one of the best magazines out there. I know my subscription had at least another year left on it. I guess I'm going to have to find one of them and find out how to either get my money back or transfer it over to something else.
Oh and good luck to the staff at EGM on finding something better.
Thanks EGM for the great magazine!

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