Microsoft's CES 2009 keynote: the lowdown for Xbox owners

Anyone at last night's Microsoft CES keynote who was holding their breath for big gaming news was out of luck. Granted, CES is an electronics show rather than a games show, but there were a few hopes pinned on the keynote speech dropping a few fun-bombs. What we get, though, is a little Halo and a Little Big Planet rival.

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jkhan3389d ago

I may be wrong but I don't remember any big game related announcements ever made on this show. Besides GDC2009 is in Feb/Mar. that is the time when most publishers announces there games.

Le Idiotce3388d ago

If you are holding on to GDC 2009, dont have your hopes up.

The trend is that they blew all their cards in 2007, in 2008 they really had nothing, except gears of war 2 which really was PUSHED into 2008 to "fill in the gap".

If they didnt had anything mind blowing in 2008, what are the chances that they will have something in 2009.

See, this is why people say marathon race and sprint race. In a marathon, the first sprinter ahead never finishes across the line...

pswi603388d ago

There i fixed it for you

eagle213388d ago

Where are teh hot gamez.....?

player9113388d ago

Sony lays all their cards out on the table, no surprises.

Microsoft don't announce their games until they are about to release them. This way fanboys aren't whispering secrets for 2 years, get all hyped up, then let down when the game sucks.

We didn't know about Gears 2 until mid-september. Just because MS hasn't spilled the beans doesn't mean they don't have any games this year. I'm sure 2009 will end just like the years before it, with MS on top.

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gusto3389d ago

There was stuff last year on TV shows like Lost coming to Xbox Live. OK, not game-related but Xbox-related. And 2007 was where Micorosoft showed IPTV on Xbox.

AngryHippo3388d ago

....Microsoft will hopefully announce new games for '09 which i am sure they will. Fingers crossed forza 3 is announced. I can't wait for that game.

Graphics Whore3388d ago

Little Big Planet Rival? Are you serious? and people talk as if Microsoft doesn't hype there games. I'm gonna quote this.

Omega63388d ago

As I prefer my ps3 over the my 360, I DO hope they announce some 360 games for 09 as I don't want my subscription to goto waste.

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The story is too old to be commented.