TeamXbox: Interpol Review

TeamXbox writes: "Interpol has taken a little longer to come out-originally intended to be a Sierra title, it fell into a temporary limbo when Vivendi and Activision merged-but the game is finally out, thanks to its developer, TikGames, choosing to take on the publishing chores, too. But how did it turn out?

First, a recap of what Interpol is all about: It's basically a search-and-find game like the old Highlights magazines for kids, which would give a picture and a list of items to discover within the picture. Here, the software displays an image packed with items, posts a list of items as the top to find and you simply have to click on them to remove them from the picture-and your list. Each image also has three bonus items you can discover for helpful aids, such as more seconds on your timer."

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