SCEE: Playstation HOME now under maintenance

Alize, Community Team Moderator on the official SCEE forums, has just announced that HOME is currently under maintenance. No further details given, unfortunately.


Maintenance completed.

*Red Bull island added
*New items in DIESEL store

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Vitalogy3509d ago

For what i can tell, they've been messing around for about, at least, 2 days now.

Yesterday was impossible to me to get in Home. Lets hope they can make, this time, some servers improvement and add something really usefull.

will113509d ago

With great care to Home, it will be huge when it is done.

MaximusPrime3509d ago

check this out:

confirmed: EU will get redbull too.

Chicago85063509d ago

I'm hoping they add something pretty kewl when this maintenace is over..maybe some tv's for viewing your media on file?..either way, keep this ball rolling...and when's tha next firmware update? Been hoping for (cross-game chat) for years now..keep it up Sony.

ZILLA3509d ago

i was in the bowling alley for about 15 20 min before i could get in on a game.HOME is growing in leaps and is the new MY SPACE!!!

YouNoob3509d ago

it's actually the new home for pedophiles

InMyOpinion3509d ago

"i was in the bowling alley for about 15 20 min before i could get in on a game."

So having to wait in a virtual line to play a virtual game is a good thing according to you? It's just proof of how lame Home's architecture is designed. You must be in Jedi denial by now.

Kill Crow3509d ago

to play a game of bowling .... WTF???

InMyOpinion3509d ago

They should rename it to Sodom or Gomorra. Would be more fitting.

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