Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Hands-On (

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani has a go at the upcoming Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. title, and here is a little excerpt:

"Consoles have always existed to fulfil the immediate need, and with processing power an issue, it's hard to get something as complex as a flight simulator to work as well on consoles as they do on spec-able PCs. Couple this with the infinite peripheral capabilities PC players have access to, it becomes clear that consoles really aren't the best place for any self-respecting flight simulator fan. The only way then to combat this issue, is to make a game that combines the most successful aspects of all platforms, and wrap them into a package that would satisfy the hardcore gamer, as well as give the geeky sim fan something familiar and real enough to appreciate."

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AndyA3510d ago

It's rare for a console flight game to strike a good balance between combat and simulation. This sounds like it has potential.

Dorjan3510d ago

"potential" yes. Arcade flight sim though so it might be fun. It should've had an option to make it more realistic or Arcady! That would be gold.

thetamer3510d ago

It really does have potential, and I'm glad someone has finally found the balance which is really hard to strike. I think this game will be a slow burner for Ubisoft, but will set the bar for future sim-arcade flight combat titles.

Dorjan3510d ago

Hmm... sounds interesting, I would have to try a demo before I would bite still!

Maticus3510d ago

I must say, I'm not usually into flight games but this one looks awesome. I'm tempted to buy it after reading this.

Leord3510d ago

I wish N4G thumbs had a large version of the pic. The one used for this article is really awesome.

thetamer3510d ago

The game just looks beautiful and feels great. It's really something I didn't think would work, but from this preview it really does seem that it might just make it a game to buy this year.

I know PC based flight sim fans may look at this with upturned noses, but to be honest, it shouldn't be seen as a flight sim. It's a more realistic arcade game which is how it should be marketed.

AndyA3510d ago

I love the fact it uses satellite images as the basis for its environments. The Chicago level looks amazing.

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