Screw the financial crisis: Sony CES stand has 150 Bravia TVs

We knew CES was big, but Sony's CES display in Las Vegas this week is bordering on the ridiculous. See our photos from Las Vegas.

The media got a peek at Sony's stand today, which is jaw droppingly epic in scale. There's OLED TVs so thin you could slice with them, the new Vaio P mini notebook which weighs around 600g, 240HZ Motionflow, LED backlit TVs, and Bravias. . . and lots of them.

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n4gzz3511d ago

dang, You just can't beat Sony when it comes to technology.

thereapersson3511d ago

Well, I know what you mean, but currently Samsung is in first place when it comes to the largest electronics company in the world. Sony isn't too far behind, though.

thereapersson3511d ago

You fools need to do your research...

Daver3511d ago


I agree samsung might be #1 now because they are cheaper, Sony is a little more expansive, Samsung is a good company too tho

Saint Sony3511d ago

They would not give a good image if they come to CES with just one PS3/TV set, now would it?

Financial crisis is there no matter if you have 150 or 500 TVs.

ReBurn3511d ago

The article doesn't really have anything to do with the PS3. It's about the sheer amount of new television technology on display.

SL1M DADDY3511d ago

And considering that they pay so little for them in parts and labor only, having 150 HDTV's there is nothing to them. Heck, maybe they will have 150 lucky employees that will walk away with a shiny new TV for some in-company raffle... lol

rockleex3511d ago

Count me in! ^_^ Hopefully they're capable of producing 3D too. ^_^

SaiyanFury3511d ago

It's not a matter of standing in spite of the financial downturn, CES is about showcasing the new technologies that are coming on the market, and Sony was doing just that.

Highatus3510d ago

Not really a surprise considering it is an entertainment expo and Sony does manufacture them.

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Fishy Fingers3511d ago

I want an OLED screen. Any chance of an ex-demo at knock down prices? :)

Wonder what they do with all the equipment after the show.

thereapersson3511d ago

Maybe sell some of it at clearance over @

One can hope, right?

d2dahoopa3511d ago

I would expect them to keep them all, and use them again.

gaffyh3511d ago

You can't really get a big screen OLED though. I think they only have 19" and 23" screens or something and they cost over £1500.

Alcon3511d ago

wow! I can't believe someone took the time to count how many tv's there where. Was there really nothing else to report, because thats just great valuable news (/sarcasm)

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The story is too old to be commented.