Is anyone even exicted for Halo Wars?

CGN Writes...

"Reading through user-heavy websites and a couple of forums here and there, I've seen little hype for Halo Wars despite the first three Halo games selling extremely well and basically being the console selling titles for the Original Xbox and the 360. The only person-or company- I've seen hype this game up is Microsoft. When it comes to exclusive titles, I haven't seen much coming from Microsoft. I know there are ton's of great games coming out the 360, but most will also be seeing a release on the PS3 as well."

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pumpkinpunker3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

All the Sony fanboy blogs were posting that the 360 has no games for 2008 and that 2008 would be the year that the PS3 would take the lead. Just because 360 owners don't feel the need to hype the hell out of every game coming out a year from now doesn't mean they games aren't coming. The Sony fanboy machine is born of desperation anyway and to the average consumer it is really transparent.

I mean, really, do we need 10 articles a day hyping God of War 3 when there isn't even a release date or even a playable demo available yet. Just have a little patience. the constant, obnoxious fanboy hype did very little for littlebigplanet. MS will deliver and there is no need to spam N4G with stupid hype articles/blogs until the game is due for release within a month or two. With that said I won't even bother to list the numerous 360 exclusives due out in 2009 that the ill-informed writer of this article, "never heard of." Back in 2007 when I was talking about Fable 2 most Sony fanboys had never heard of that either. True story.

Flipfito3507d ago

No.. If you want to talk about desperate you should look at Microsoft. Yesterday there was an article about PlayStation being more Valuable than the Xbox 360 and Wii, and someone said Sony is finally talking smack. Then someone said Sony doesn't need to talk smack because MS are the ones that are desperate and tries to make Sony look bad and Sony doesn't need to say anything because they already know wich company is better. they have been through this, this isnt new to them So..i think MS are the desperate ones and are being ignored by Sony because 2008 was not a Bad year for Sony and 2009 looks even better...

sonarus3507d ago

lol your post made me smile...thanks for that

On topic no i am not excited for Halo wars. I have never been into real time strategy games. My favourite game is MGS but i didn't run out to buy metal gear acid cus i hate games like that. But thats just me. Oh and i also think Halo is overrated:D

snipermk03507d ago

Mind going over those so-called exclusives you just mentioned...punk

Graphics Whore3507d ago

Microsoft really didn't deliver in 2008, Sony brought out the big guns with exclusives, and before you say anything about sales remember that you are a:

Gamer First,
Stock Holder/fanboy second.

Doppy3507d ago

I'm not hyped for this at all, but it will see if they have commericals without gameplay, so uninformed people will waste $60 on a game they believe will be like Halo 3.

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Ko_Uraki3507d ago

...that a RTS isn't the perfect genre to sell millions. Despite this, Halo Wars can be a successful game with 1-1.5m copies sold worldwide.

SuperM3507d ago

I think halo wars will sell well because its has Halo in the name. But the fact of the matter is that it is an RTS on a console, and those 2 things dont mesh together well at all. If they had made a PC version then i might be interested in it, but so far it is only a console game which kinda sucks. IMO its a waste of a potentially good game. It could be good but its crippled by something as simple as the controls.

And yes ive heard all the talks about this game being designed to work well with a controller, but there is just simply some limitations that you cant get by, and those are very noticable in a RTS game.

InMyOpinion3507d ago

I loved LOTR: BFME 2 so I'm pretty excited about this.

Snow3507d ago

LOTR:BFME 2 is that on 360??

Sez 3507d ago

yeah i liked LOTR BFME 2 for the 360. i also brought it for the MY PC because of the expansion pack. so i also looking forward to this game. can't wait.

Firstkn1ghT3507d ago

Of course their is a lot of excitement for this game. RTS type games have been working on the 360. All the other ones have been pretty successful. Not to mention this is done by some of the best RTS people around. This is going to be a big seller, no doubt.

Bathyj3507d ago


beavis4play3507d ago

if halowars is being done by "some of the best RTS people around".......why is this studio being closed right after they finish the game?
it just seems kind of odd.

Itrguy0013507d ago

because microsoft wants more money and ensemble is taking money for development

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