Westinghouse launches more HDTVs than we care to count at CES

Engadget writes: "No wonder we haven't seen a fresh TV from Westinghouse since July of last year -- it's been hoarding 'em up for a CES extravaganza. The company is dishing out no fewer than 14 new sets (yes, we caved and counted), so let's not waste any time here. The 120Hz collection consists of the 21.6-inch PT-22F380S, 37-inch TX-37F510Z, 42-inch TX-42F970Z / TX-42F450S, 46-inch VK-46F260S, 47-inch VK-47F140S and 55-inch TX-55F350Z, all of which look to boast 1080p panels, a decent array of ports and an ATSC / NTSC / Clear QAM TV tuner if you're lucky."

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