Call of Duty 4 stats put into perspective

FourZeroTwo writes: "We decided to pull some numbers on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare this past week, which Slothy (one of our coders) so graciously put into a perspective we can all relate to.

As of Jan. 3rd we hit 10,006,606 unique users who have ever played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Xbox 360 and have connected to Xbox Live at least once after playing."

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InMyOpinion3357d ago

Just drop the scripted, respawning enemy AI for COD 5 pls. Maybe make the campaign levels less linear.

SL1M DADDY3357d ago

Only 7 million copies of the game were sold for the Xbox 360 yet 10 million folks have signed on to play through Xbox Live. Now that could mean many of us lent our copies to friends or, it means many of us traded the game in after a few months of play time. That would indicate that nearly 50% of those who originally bought the game got rid of it and over 3 million folks bought a used copy. Now that would show some huge profit numbers for GameStop!

In contrast, only 4 million copies were sold for the PS3 and yet there are about 4 million unique PSN ID's that have played the game. It would seem that the trade in rate for this game was significantly higher on the 360 than the PS3 and I can bet that is attributed to the online and how well Infinity Ward worked the online connection for this game. From day one there were very few issues thus proving to me that if a developer does it right and releases a game for the PS3 with a fully working online mode, it will do better in the long run than if the same game was released with a broken online even if the developer soon after release fixed any issues.

Kudos again to Infinity Ward for doing it right and showing others that it can be done no matter the console.

thor3357d ago

I agree. It means that certain tactics don't work when they should. It annoys the hell out of me; if I can take cover behind a wall and pop out and keep taking down enemy after enemy, eventually I should take them all out so it's safe to proceed. Instead, I'm just wasting my ammo - it really spoils the game when the enemies are affected by what you do. With better design, ALL the enemies would be in the level when you start, and they would run at you, ambush you and BE ABLE TO BE KILLED - if you get into a position where you're picking them off, they should retreat or advance or chuck a grenade at you forcing you to move. It didn't spoil it completely, but it was annoying and there is no reason they couldn't set it to spawn only a finite number of enemies.

InMyOpinion3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Exactly. In COD you kill enemies by moving forward.

I still love COD and play every game but this annoys me. And the grenade indicator should be more noticeable.

Apocwhen3357d ago

SL1M DADDY, a couple of things to consider are the there may be more than 1 xbox live account to one household with the game which would change its numbers and also as you pointed out lending the game to friends.

On the PS3 with 4 million sold and 4 million unique PSN IDs isn't a great comparison. the PSN lets you create as many free PSN ID's as you like thus increasing the unique count. I know dozens of people who have played COD4 on the PS3 with more than one account.

Also, this game was plagued with online issues at the start when it released in Nov '07. I think it wasn't under late Jan or Feb until EU players could connect to US players. It also used to take up to 30 minutes to connect to an online game prior to this patch. the US got the patch before xmas of '07 but EU players had to wait over a month to get theirs. The game is still not without its connection issues but these are more related to the client/server technology it uses rather than using dedicated servers. The Host can end the game any time they like when they are getting trashed, but I've found this to be 10x worse in COD:WaW. I would say about 1 or 2 games in 10 actually finish to the lobby in COD:WaW.

AAACE53357d ago

All I wanna know is, do alot of people still play CoD 4? I traded mine like an idiot to get CoD 5, only to realize I can't stand WWII games anymore and now have to buy 4 again!

I need a shooter to play now! I can't wait until the new Rainbow six or CoD 6 comes out... so I gotta go back to 4 for a while!

N2NOther3357d ago

Yeah, tons of people still play it with new players all the time...When the new one came out I knew I wasn't done with 4 so I kept it...Glad I did too.


there are still loads of people playing it. i still do more then anything else.

must warn you though... i was born with a Red Dot in one eye and an M16 for my right arm !

on a side note about the online, I heard that the network code was outsourced to someone else, which is why it had some of the issues it did; like the game ending when the host exits the game. they tried to fix that with an update, but could not cos of the way the code was written or something like that anyway.

don't hold me to it though, i just heard.. and i am no expert on the matter.

can't wait for the next one.

Apocwhen3357d ago

Killzone 2 should happily keep us going until the next COD game :)

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The_Firestarter3357d ago

They should try this stats comparison with other games: Halo 3 (MP), Counter-Strike (1.3 & Source), LBP, WoW, GTA4 (MP), Warhawk, and etc.

That sure would be an interesting read (this one was pretty cool, too). :D