Microsoft Unveils Windows Updates, New Xbox Games

The Consumer Electronics Show began yesterday in Las Vegas, and technology columnist Rob Pegoraro is reporting on the action on's Faster Forward blog. Here are some excerpts from reports on the keynote address.

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SlippyMadFrog3424d ago

Kodu looks interesting. It's a shame that people are branding it as a knock-off of LBP which isn't the case. It would be cool if the comunity games people create with it will be free.

thereapersson3424d ago

I actually think you can do a lot more with Boku than you can with LBP, but that they are also two totally different games. I don't get why people compare the two; it's like comparing LBP with Garry's Mod. It doesn't make much sense, IMO.

And yeah, I agree with your free games comment. Let's hope MS opens their community aspect to free distribution of this user-created content. It's currently one of the things that Sony has an advantage in.

chasuk083424d ago

I hope the game has a story mode or it will be terrible. Same with lbp. If LBP never had a story mode it would be very boring. Not everyone wants to create a level.

FarEastOrient3424d ago

Have you seen Kudo? They were showing this game's engine last year and it doesn't look as pretty as Little Big Planet and it won't be as physics based as LBP. Good direction to expand for Microsoft, but this is more to eat at the casual crowd from the Wiis than Sony's people.

AAACE53424d ago

If that game is being called a LBP knock-off... this is going to get ugly!

I'll watch from the sidelines, since my opinion gets misunderstood no matter what I say.

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akaFullMetal3424d ago

kodu sounds good like lbp, but are people going to use it though??? i know alot of people play lbp. Hopefully this gets as much praise as lbp did.

callahan093424d ago

It won't. LittleBigPlanet came with a plethora of levels and content created by the creators, which served to provide fun and value to those who bought the game, as well as inspire them with a glimpse at what you can achieve with the creation tools. Kodu lacks the charm of LittleBigPlanet (Sackboy, Stephen Fry, and the graphical style), for one. For another, it's going to lack the inspiring and fun levels of the creators. It won't be nearly as good as LittleBigPlanet for those reasons.