Final Fantasy XIII's Battle System Detailed

Final Fantasy XIII is due out this year in Japan. For those who are familiar with its battle system, let's learn about it. Everyday you should learn about something, you know.

• Command Stock: Players selection which action they'd like to from a cluster of five "Action" slots.
• Cost: Each of these five actions has a number attached to it and denote the number of slots a particular action requires.
• Enhanced ATB (Active Time Battle): This refers to the bar under Lightning's name (the one with "444"). Players can perform various actions before it is empty. Commands with higher "Cost" drain the ATB bar faster.
• Symbol Encounter: Enemies appear on the game's map. There is no battle screen transition.
• Chain & Bonus: Found at the screen's top right. "Chain" refers to the number of consecutive hits inflicted. It's not clear what "Bonus" refers to, but Famitsu thinks it's related to Final Fantasy VII's Limit Break.
• Enemy HP: The HP and names of your foes are displayed - unlike previous games.

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sinncross3481d ago

It just sounds like a variation of the FF12 system, though obviously way more engaging and sounds a lot more fun.

g3nkie3481d ago

I for one loved FFXII's battle system. People can call it the, "poor mans KOTOR", all they want. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see how it all plays out in XIII.

hay3481d ago

I beg to differ. Doesn't seem to be FF12(which I really enjoyed) battle system variation. It's more like a combination of greatly improved classic ATB(chains of commands, atb bar divided into sections) with "enemies on the field" mechanics known from Chrono Trigger(for example). Either way, if animations aren't too boring it may seem to be quite enjoyable.

Honeal2g3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

The battle system sounds similar to the legend of legia.....or dual saga for the ps2... which i found pretty fun

probably a little simpler since theres only five commands as opposed to 10... but we'll see how it turns out
... wow my memory fails me maybe there was only 4 commands but the extension of the spirit gauge made it feel like more, this changes everything i was thinking about.. maybe its gonna be more complex? more combo's more possibilities? /end rant

The Great Melon3481d ago

The only reason why I disliked FF12 is the battle system slowly grew toward a simulator of a battle. I want to control it not let it control itself. I always enjoy the games that are turn based and require you to make smart decisions.

meepmoopmeep3481d ago


i totally agree, but then other people keep whining that it's too old school
then they b*tch when they try a new combat system.

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NaiNaiNai3481d ago

i rather enjoyed 12s battle system, but i hope theres no boards. >.> crap pissed me off.

Critical_Hit3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

The E.S. battles from Xenosaga Episode III. Where you have a certain amount of EN (energy) points for your mech, and attacks cost various amounts of EN; where you can then string together your own combination of different (multiple) attacks (per turn) as long as the total cost (of attacks) is less than your mechs' total amount of EN points. It was pretty entertaining in that game and hopefully it'll be fun in this game as well.

jkhan3481d ago

I think it is like Crisis Core FF VII battle system with some upgrades. By the way RELEASE THE GOD DAMN GAME SE :@

dylandurden3481d ago

It has nothning in common with Crirs Core, you can't control directly the character movements, and there's a full party like in previous games.

Enate3481d ago

NaiNaiNai I swear you just love to like everything everyone else hates 12 was so boring an bland I didn't even bother finishing it. Its ok though I've seen some of your comments so I know you tend to seem to like to be on the opposite end of everyone elses logic.

NaiNaiNai3481d ago

i only enjoyed the battle systems you twit. i hated the story i never beat the game. i dint like the skill systems. i just like the free roam battlesystem, it was really well done, a little boring at times, but well done, you people attack me all the time, but you never look in the mirror.

Foliage3481d ago

I agree with Nai, the battle system was pretty smooth. It could have had some minor tweaks, but I'm sure that will be addressed in 13.

The game was not a total waste. I thought the Balthier and Fran characters were some of the best in the history of the franchise. It is just a shame that they didn't focus on them and instead focused on the very lame Vaan. The final boss battle was also pretty cool although it was rather easy. Sure the story was a bit of a wreck, but there was enough positive change made to the final fantasy mechanics that I'm not ready to completely declare it a waste.

If only they would bring back the materia system (FF7). If you guys have not played Valkyria Chronicles, the story was one of the best. The game nailed nearly all areas including battle system.

NaiNaiNai3481d ago

the materia system in FF7 was by far the best magic system in the series. it made you think about what to set. and it let you add power to your def and armor, along with connecting great spells like pre-emptive strike and KoTR, or other spells like reviving a full team, or other great stuff.

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