Smarthouse: "New PS3 More Than A Games Machine"

"The upcoming Sony PS3 playstation which is set to be launched in Australia on March 23rd , will incorporate a new firmware chip that allows users to access the internet and shop for both games and Sony movies."

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sa739174321d ago

Ill informed article in that it doesn't have a new firmware chip, just a new firmware version but otherwise it's ok..

TheMART4321d ago

Yeah we know Ken

But is it more then a cheap videoplayer??? It's not the best gaming choice and that's why Sony is scared, so they put out this nonsense.

TheExecutive4320d ago

What is your great hatred for Sony all about? Both consoles are hella fun. They both have great features and by just bashing one like its dirt and idolizing another you lose all credibility.

Caxtus7504320d ago

We all know what his hatred is....he hasn't got one ;)

What you cant have, you always hate ;)

(thats probably true in his case, but i do obviously agree that other people will not want one for other reasons-Mart however is one of the only haters.

Criticism is fine it really is but hateful ramblings is a tad obsessive. I really think he should be banned from this sight just for a short while.

Nowadays on these forums i feel i just have to state that i am a 360 owner, soon to get a PS3 at launch and have no alliance at all. When others realise that its about gaming and not companies the better.

TheMART4320d ago

Listen up buddy. Ofcourse I don't have a PS3, it hasn't launched here yet in Europe, remember? Sony delayed it for a full year overhere...

Furthermore, if I wanted one, I could get it. That would be no problem. I think I owned more systems than you and a couple of other Sony 'diehards' (which PS2 is probably their first gaming hardware) together. I owned MSX-1, MSX-2, Amiga 500/1200 and a lot more... heck, I even owned the first kind of gaming device for on TV, remember that pong/tennis thing with only a white dot and two white bats, with two controllers and one scroll button on it? I still have it.

So please, don't even go there. Too many Sony fanboys that post here, show their love for something they don't own (PS3) and say it's better, while in reality it's the worst choice in gaming this time around.

And what the heck is a 'sight'? Dude, I may be sarcastic, very direct and sometimes hard, but I never use bad mouth or namecalling like for example 'The Great 1'. You may check that. Sony fanboys always use 'moron', 'idiot', 'xbot' and that kind of language.

It is about gaming indeed, and the best choice for that is the XBOX 360 this time around period. I recommend everyone overhere in Europe the following if you don't own a next gen console or a Wii yet.

Buy a Wii for 250 Euro. You will enjoy it for some time. By that time (this year) the 360 will have fallen in price. To 349 or maybe 299 for a premium. Together that makes about 550 Euro for two consoles to have the best gaming experience this time around. The PS3 is just a cheap bluray player. I'll keep saying that period

techie4320d ago

" Too many Sony fanboys that post here, show their love for something they don't own (PS3) and say it's better, while in reality it's the worst choice in gaming this time around."

Dude you don't own it either so you have no right in saying that "it's the worst choice this time round" anymore than someone who is excited about the ps3 and sees the games for it and the features it has and saying "sh't I want that!"

Why don't you step back from the hating and perhaps make some less bias statements because people would respect you a lot more. And maybe go over to your 360 side every once in a while.

I'm interested in both systems and I like to read up on them - but this flaming is unneeded. Get a life.

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The Karate Kid4320d ago

Playstation 3 is the system that is built for the future. You have a state of the art cell processor, you have a blu-ray drive, and you have a RSX graphic card. As far as online is concerned, I'll admit sony is not all the way where the 360 is, but they are pretty close. A couple more software updates and Sony will most likely pass the experience of 360's online setup. It is far much easier to catch up with software versus releasing a whole new sku (360). PS3 will remain the same for years and years to come. Many people are not happy with the initial lineup of games, but they are all 360 ports. PS3 already easily match 360 games when being ported over. Im sorry but 360 is going Dreamcast route, and u can call out Master Chief all you want, but i think master chief might find himself in a Killzone. (2)

richie007bond4320d ago

The rsx is not future proof its already last gen and pales in comparison to the xbox 360 gpu,and for blur ray lol and hd dvd its anybodys game,and the cell its yet to prove itself, and judging by what sonys brought to the table so far its got a long way to go yet,and the price well dont even get me started on THAT

360madness4320d ago

if you say the 360 is going the same way of Dreamcast, i say the ps3 is going the same way of 3D0. why cant sony just stick to one damn sku to be fair to everybody.

Caxtus7504320d ago

if rumors are to be believed then the 360 will get another SKU and i am actually all for SKUs. yes, i know they mean i lose out BUT it does mean the technology moves along and the original console is slightly improved. We all know they get released nowadays so why should we be annoyed? Either buy the first one, or wait....its not like a surprise now is it?