Proof Paedophiles are using HOME

Gameplayer Writes:
During a recent gameplayer opinion piece one of our writers recalled an anecdote of a disturbing experience that happened on HOME recently.

The snippet in question reads as follows:

"While doing some research on 'who actually buys HOME clothing' we happened across a fellow in a cowboy hat (who we'll call 'Jed'). After telling Jed who we were and why we were here doing research, we had an interesting discussion about why he bought the cowboy hat, and virtual belongings in general. Jed told us that he'd done up his apartment with furniture and he invited us over to see it all. Being that it was related to the conversation and the Home research we agreed.

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silverchode3355d ago

every online service is guranteed to have racist and pedophiles.

Simon_Brezhnev3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

yep its cuz its sony u dont see dem talking about Yahoo, Aim, and Windows Live messenger which has a lot more members and more dangerous by hackers and them messengers support webcams so u cant really hide your face like on home

Oner3355d ago

Just ask Chris Hansen about all the Pedo's he's helped caught who use MS products like Windows, MSN Messenger etc. and on a seperate issue what about LIVE! ~

Kleptic3355d ago

i love how gamplayer attaches 'PROOF' in the title...then in the third paragraph admits...'we have no real way of knowing if this was actually a pedo, or if it was just some bored 12 year old lying about his age'...

gaming journalism at its finest...that is the opposite of the real world...we refer to these types of things as 'possibilities'...

GiantEnemyLobster3354d ago

EXCLUSIVELY on Playstation 3.

Oner3354d ago

It seems verifiable links and clear misuse of wording don't mean anything to some who tend to continually "overlook" them...amazing.

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PoSTedUP3355d ago

i saw MJ in home, he told me its his favorite place to be when hes not in never never land.

Michael Jackson3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Home is only my 2nd favorite place to be at.
My most favorite place to be is under your bed. Wanna know a secret?
Nope, that wasn't mommy sneaking into your room and kissing you goodnight.

hay3355d ago

Zomg, Michael I used to believe in your innocence... :(

Amnesiac3355d ago

I love most of Michael Jackson's music, and I respect his musical genius, but he is one creeeeeepy dude.

Rog Vader3355d ago

After Second Life's pedo problem, I had a feeling Home would start to degrade to that.

rockleex3355d ago

They contacted Sony about Moderation and got plenty of information on how Sony is handling "bad people" in Home and how they plan to improve in the future.

Its funny how the Mods just "appear" out of nowhere whenever they witness something wrong. Lol. Sounds like they're gods, well technically they are gods in regards to Home and PSN.

Anyways, I was expecting this to be a lame article talking about their previous article about a pedophile encounter and using it to claim that PS Home is the perfect place for pedophiles unlike any other place on the internet.

godofthunder103355d ago

Before i start let me say that i have a 360 and i hate sony.I don't know why 360 fanboys are all over Sony because of this.I also don't understand how any ps3 fanboy could say that it's not a big deal.The people that claim this must be Paedophiles their selfs.You can't blame Sony for this.

The fact is that the same thing is happening on the net before home.As long as their is something like home and the net it will never stop.The fact is that it's hard to stop Paedophiles because they are the scum of the earth and will alway find a way to do it. Sony will try their best to fix the problem.Fanboys that's trashing Sony for it need to stop and think about the net.Fanboys that saying it's not a big deal is sick.I don't care if someone did that on xbox live.I will never say it's not a big deal because it is a big deal.

PoSTedUP3355d ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! !!!! (mocoley colcan scream)

Kami3354d ago

Isnt HOME supposed to be for 18+ users?
thats the problem. anybody under 18 is nor supposed be there.
then the problem are the stupid kids and not the service.

mesh13354d ago

micheal jackson is not a pedo we all know 90% of pedo are white ( or wait he is white ) but its fact 90% of pedo are white and mj is not a pedo he is just dumb and was a racist target from the state he lived in FACT.

SHAKIMAT3354d ago

It's like going back to 1978 before "child" porn was illegal.
Metasearch it.

please visit my N4G blog:

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TheColbertinator3355d ago

Pedos are all over the net.Just report them and move on.

Fishy Fingers3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Desperate article. For a start, wheres the proof, and GamePlayer LIED to entice a response out of him. It's almost as though the orchestrated the situation.

" I told him that I was younger than I am. I said I was 15). "

I dont know what I find more disgusting, "jed" or gameplayer, I tend to lean towards the latter.

“do you have a cam? I’d like to c u in the flesh” Jed asked, moving in to ‘lap dance distance’. That’s right folks, Jed-o was something of a pedo."

There is your proof of a "pedo", it was his "lap dance distance" that gave it away. How do you know this guy is even 30 when gameplayer themselves have just admitted to lying about their age.

Gameplayer, have just lost a reader in future.

SlappingOysters3355d ago

Are you serioulsy backing a 32yrd old trying to pick-up a 15yr old in Home????

Or are you just saying that no media entity in the world has ever used entrapment to unravel a story?

Cause both notions sound crazy to me.

Fishy Fingers3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Not backing, simply saying you have no PROOF. A paedophile is someone convicted over child molestation, not someone who assumed the "lap dance distance’".

I'm not defending his actions, merely pointing out you ocastrated the stituation though false info and have no proof and are basically labelling someone when you have no evidence to support your claims.

ReBurn3355d ago

How do you think that law enforcement officers catch pedophiles on the internet? By lying about their age. That's just how it works.

Michael Jackson3355d ago

First of all, my user name wasn't "Jed."
It was "Jacko."
2nd, she told me he was 12 years old!
3rd, she told me she was a boy!
4th, he told me he was a boy!
5th, HE told me he was a boy!
6th, he told me he was a BOY!
7th, HE told me he was a BOY!
a 12 YEAR OLD BOY!!!

I feel so betrayed... -sobs-

Rog Vader3355d ago

Between, Jed, your comments, and Gameplayer. I would say your comments/attitude is right beside the Jed creep in the sick department. How in the hell could anyone put their fanboy sickness ahead of the safety of a child? It might not be as bad as this creep, but it's close. -1

mint royale3355d ago

you have no evidence either that gameplayer were fabricating the story. And anyway what is the point of your denial becuase it is obvious this will happen. The interesting part of the article is where we get a response from sony who explain how they try and moderate. Sony are doing the best tehy can and from what I can see are doing their best to make home a pleasant place to be away from harassment.

Fishy Fingers3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

"anyone put their fanboy sickness ahead of the safety of a child"

You obviously don't take note of my comments, I'm no fanboy. My only point is that i it unfair for a 2 bit website to go around labeling people a paedophile when they have no real evidence to make such a claim.

Reburn is technically accurate, but believe it or not you need physical proof before a conviction can be put in place.

My only wrong doing here is perhaps I stick by the old mantra, "innocent until PROVEN guilty". Maybe you guys like to burn people at the steak over speculation but I dont.

Why does that make me a fanboy?

Mint Royale, I didnt say they did fabricated the story, but they have no proof to label him a "pedo". Did you read my comments?

Gameplayer admit lying about their age. Simple question, how do you know "jed" was not doing the same? You dont, but it's fair to label him as if so? Not in my book, not without proof.

rockleex3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

But Fishy Fingers has a point.

LOTS of people in Home pretend to be someone they're not.

For example, guys pretending to be hot girls so they can switch their hot girl avatar with an ugly pig-like avatar.

And Gameplayer themselves proved that anyone can lie about their background in Home. They clearly lied that they were 15 year old, that Cowboy dude could have just as easily lied.

For all we know, he and Gameplayer might have even been joking together about the whole situation. Then Gameplayer goes on to only give us half the info. Or Cowboy guy might just have a twisted idea of jokes, and Gameplayer might have just took it the wrong way.

The truth is, we don't know if Cowboy dude was actually a pedophile or not.

The reason why Undercover Cops can pretend to be underage boys/girls is because they have all the equipment and tools necessary to TRULY find out their suspects' background and information.

Gameplayer does NOT have the same access to Cowboy Dude's background information to prove whether or not he's a pedophile. Either way, you can't catch a pedophile until he makes moves to meet an underage kid in person.

So yes, you guys are basically burning all the suspects at the stakes without looking further into the matter.

Edit: Now that I think of it, "Fishy Fingers"... Hmm, something smells fishy. Especially with the "fingers" part. Could Fishy Fingers possibly be a pedophile!??!?

Ahahah, just kidding. Anyways, I back Fishy's argument that people are innocent until proven guilty... especially when you have no hard evidence.

mint royale3355d ago

I never claimed that 'jed' was guilty of anything. I believe innocent before guilty too my point was that the article is interesting because it get a response from sony about a very important issue fabricated or not.

acedoh3355d ago

you need to understand the definition of a pedophile as compared to a predator... A pedophile generally tracks down children under the age of 12. They also have a serious problem that can lead to serious crimes. You just can't use the term pedophile for everyone who goes after a teenager. They are very different.

Lastly this is very silly because if teenagers are naive enough to put themselves in vulnerable situations in HOME of all places they share some responsibility. SONY has done quite a bit to keep HOME safe. They have removed voice chat in the public areas and taken out personalization like putting your own pictures in your private places. When the BETA first started you could put up a picture of anything that is on your hard drive. I am sure they removed this for a reason. I am also sure this will keep them from allowing people to stream movies from their hard drive onto a personal t.v. In a way it's good but I also see it as silly that society has come to this point.

N4Flamers3355d ago

what if jed lived in alabama where the legal age of consent is 14.

Wait just one minute, lets say jed was a lying 12 year old and gameplayers went to their house, then they would be the pedo's in this case. I can see chris hansen now,

"take a seat, so why are you here"

GP: "no were just doing an article and he maved in to lap dance distance on us"

CH: "you're free to leave anytime you want"

Cheeseknight283355d ago

Innocent until proven guilty hmm? So until some child actually gets molested, pedophiles can run free?

I don't think so. Anyone sick enough to even pretend to do that crap deserves to be punished immediately. Surely everyone in this world has better things to do than pretend to be an internet predator.

SlappingOysters3355d ago

I do kind of get where you are coming from, but I think you are reacting to the first third of the article and not taking into account the whole picture they are painting - they even say

"To be fair to HOME, we may never know for certain if Jed was in fact a mid-thirties sexual predator (or just a very disturbed/ very bored twelve year old kid lying about his age). Whatever the case, it got us to thinking; what if it was legit?"

They're not blind to what you are saying

prowiew3355d ago

@ fishy

If you read the article, they said "to be fair to HOME, we may never know for certain if Jed was in fact a mid-thirties sexual predator (or just a very disturbed/ very bored twelve year old kid lying about his age)".

Why the hate against gameplayer? They are just doing some investigation a got good responses from Sony. Not a profesional one. I learn something in that article also. I didnt knew sony have some moderators.

xsteinbachx3354d ago

Me and my gf created a Girl on Home about a week ago.. It took us about 5 minutes for us to walk over to the jukebox to have 2 guys dance with us and ask us if we wanted to go back to his room to F*ck. Home needs to be monitored a lot more and a lot stricter.

I was seriously laughing but thought what if some young boys or girls were on here because then we'd have some SERIOUS problems.

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