Are Reviewers Really Fairly Rating Simulation Games

AutoGaming writes: "Over the past few years as a die-hard simulator fan of racing and flight games, I have come to realize that the people who we trust to give us a good idea about games, are clearly not doing a good job when it comes to simulation-based titles."

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jazzking20013509d ago

article makes a good point

UnSelf3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

im guessin reviewers dont see sims as replicas of real life.

Instead they judge it by how much of a video game it is

Video Game: How fun a virtual experience is.

Simulations arent focused around fun as much as they are about recreating a real life experience.

Hence the low scores

EDIT: See last paragraph in article....makes my point even clearly than i did

Saint Sony3509d ago

Viva Pinata is a good example, reviewers not liking it much, but kids loves it to death. If you ask any kid who has played Viva Pinata, they really do love it, yet in many places games like those are reviewed by a person who really prefers war/action/mayhem/shoot'em ups and first of all are adults who can't really position themselves into tiny garden raising chickens and flowers. Lowering the score a lot, even though the game is aimed for children and does perfectly the job it was designed for.

Simulations are same, arcade people reviewing simulation = fail.
It's like asking review about a chess from a person who has only heard of pong.

bradleyw3509d ago

rly good points here mate

yourcatch223509d ago

Interesting subject, definitely raises some important questions.

Speed-Racer3509d ago

Agreed guys, reviewers need to understand the art of sims.