Neocrisis: New PSP Colors

Neocrisis: Sony will be releasing new "Carnival Colors" PSPs in Korea. The PSP-3005 will have the body colors of "Radiant Red" and "Vibrant Blue." It will be available for a suggested price of 228,000 Won with VAT included. This is around $173.75 USD. It will be released January 15, 2009 which is a Thursday.

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facepalm3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

"228,000 Yen"?? That's about $2,500 USD!!

Must be a typo...

::looks at middle picture::
That's Korean, not Japanese... So it's "228,000 won" not "yen"...
That makes more sense.

228,000 Won = $173.75 USD

EDIT ADDED...again: Post has been updated. Thanks jazzking2001!!

hentai20013478d ago

no typo
look at the images
the image shows 228,000

Speed-Racer3478d ago

Wow 2500 is a lot man, I wouldnt rake out that much

hentai20013478d ago

there is someone out there that will

TrevorPhillips3478d ago

woow looks awesome finally new colour

hentai20013478d ago

i do not know which color to pick if i had the money to buy one lol

Speed-Racer3478d ago

agreed, some decent colors

godoftime3478d ago

interesting! wow i had no idea.

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