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The Conduit devs are listening

High Voltage Software, currently developing the Conduit, has often stated that they listen to feedback from fans through numerous forums. Well, they have just sent the administrator of The Conduit Information Center an e-mail confirming their claim.

The website contains all of the information released on a game until today in an organized fashion making learning for newcomers less of hassle. And the forums contain dedicated fans with useful insight for the game. It good to know that some developers still care for the hardcore Wii consumers. (Dev, The Conduit, Wii)

Product  +   2424d ago
If they are listening to the fans i really wonder what exactly the online interface will be like.Friend codes situation and stuff like that.Its honestly sad to think of how small their studio was when they decided to work harder then studios that have been making wii games since launch and before then at big companies like EA and Ubisoft.
I really wish Nintendo would give us a little demo version on the Nintendo channel or something.
ChickeyCantor  +   2424d ago
A demo, meh...I think Nintendo underestimated the demand for the Wii and kept things like hard drives out, now they realize that its bothering sh/tloads of people.

A demo would have been great, really -_-...It's these things why i like to burn down Nintendo.

Although i do love HVS for putting much effort in their game, you are right, compared to the bigger developers, they are doing an awesome job.

Anyone with a Wii not getting this game is a douche bag(unless you don't like FPS XD).

"it's about damn time they show some new footage.
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FinalomegaS  +   2424d ago
HVS , good stuff
I love FPS, but alas I am having problems going back to standard control on consoles. I am in love with wii-type control for fps. If they make the gameplay control work, I think this will set the standard for fps on the wii and then comes motion+ to seal the deal.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2424d ago
Please use Metroid Prime 3: Corruption as a reference for the controls. It was perfect.
FinalomegaS  +   2424d ago
I agree
But I look at MP as action/adventure/fps

talking about all the other 3rd party attempts, want someone to have something beside ninty so the rest can for god sakes copy them...
ChickeyCantor  +   2424d ago
eeeh, they did.
They used lots of concepts or ideas of other games as a reference.
You can't go wrong then =P
Voiceofreason  +   2424d ago
I dont understand WTF you two guys are talking bout.. ASking for PRime controls? Never played a Wii FPS? They've used thesame control scheme as MP3 since its release. Conduit has already been confirmed to use MP3 controls but they allow you to tweak just about ever aspect of control.
ChickeyCantor  +   2424d ago
Calm down horsy, people just want this game to succeed.
deno  +   2424d ago
Guys I hope all of you buy this game, I know I am looking forward to it. This can definitely be the wii's halo if all goes well. Thank you high voltage software for making a true game from the ground up. Your new fan!!!!!!
ChickeyCantor  +   2424d ago
There is no such thing as the Wii's halo...
It will be the Wii's Doom =P.

Doom>Halo(o sh/t angry fanboys giving me the look).

HVS basically made something they could enjoy too, and therefore i know it will be full of quality.
bobbylii  +   2424d ago
They care
Well at least HVS cares about us wii gamers. And that too with an FPS which (if done correctly) is the most enoyable on Wii.
mastiffchild  +   2423d ago
I'm starting to worry
about the game myself. Don't get me wrong, I've been hyped for ages about it but just of late people have started going cold on it in the press-even in mags like NGamer ferchristsakes. The worry they, and I too when I think about it, is over level design and SI. These are the two issues that seem to be a problem atm. I know that nobody has seen all the levels yet but a few(GR, NGamer,GS)have raised their concern over repetitive and dull level design that we've seen a hundred times before and I'd hate that,or indeed unresponsive AI to scupper such a well intended piece of work for HVS.
Obviously the online element will be free of these concerns but then you have to pray they forget friend codes and offer the right modes and don't gimp us down to 4 against 4 like COD did. I just really want the shooter we all did when we first saw the Wii controls years back and to lose it because of something as simple as level design would be tragic-we want the full package a game to rival the likes of Halo or Killzone2(if not in looks then in gameplay where the Wii should have a good go-not that I won't be playing plenty of KZ2 but y'know)and it isn't too much to ask. Here's hoping.

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