Where Have All the Brawlers Gone?

People are now several years into the current generation of gaming, and something is missing. There are shooters, puzzlers, fighters, RPG's, sports, and even rythm games featuring huge, guitar-shaped controllers. But where have all the brawlers gone? Diehard GameFAN feels like the industry is missing games in the rich tradition of Double Dragon, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and even, yes, Bad Dudes.

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BlackIceJoe3424d ago

I so would love to see Midway make a new Double Dragon game. I think it could even bring in some money for them and they could use all they can get. It could even be a download only game and I would be fine with that. I also would love to see Sega make a new Streets of Rage game. I loved that series when I was younger and would love to play a new version of that game.

San anto3424d ago

Streets of rage was great :(

ceedubya93423d ago

this style of game. A new Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, or Final Fight (a REAL final fight) would definitely have my attention. Of course, seeing the short nature of a game like that, they would need to be offered at a discount price I would think. 60 bucks for a short beatemup is a hard pill to swallow.

Then again, if it could be as fun as a Left 4 Dead, I would consider the possibility.

Skyyo3423d ago

I couldnt agree more

Any of these games should be remade

Side scrolling brawlers where the S%#t back in the day!!

ThatArtGuy3423d ago

but "Fight, Go Right" games would really need some kind of new mechanic to make them fresh again.

cyclindk3423d ago

Never played it, but aren't Hulk games considered brawlers...?

kewlkat0073423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I remember a SEGA beatum up attemp on the original Xbox, I forgot the name. It was like Streets of Rage.

Anyhow Streets of Rage(SEGA GEN) will always be my all-time favorite with Double Dragon(NES), Final Fight(SNES), River City Ransom(NES), Brawl Brother(SNES), Battletoads & Double Dragons(SNES).

PS1 had Brutal Force at one point which was alright..

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The story is too old to be commented.