CES 2009: Sony teases with high-quality PS3 3D

We've heard from many of you that 3D technology is something you're interested in seeing at CES, and Sony has one of the most impressive displays of 3D at their booth...

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Ryudo3425d ago

Is it just me or is frank wearing make up on his cheeks?

Parapraxis3425d ago

LOL, it's probably just really warm at the show.

I would love to check this out.
They need to emply some better design into the glasses though.
Looks like something out of the early 90's.

meepmoopmeep3425d ago

i have a pair of those 3D glasses right now

yeah, a better design would be nice.
give it a more futuristic look.

i wonder if/when this tech will be standard in gaming.

Ryudo3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I cant really see this ever catching on unless the 3D is completely rendered by the PS3 its self and nothing to do with the display. No ones going to swap there 50" HDTV for a 3D one any time soon. Not to mention a much cheaper and better option would simply be a virtual reality head set the technology is already there.

Edit: at my above comment how can someone disagree with a simple joke. am sure I have some insane looney following me around disagreeing with out even reading my posts.

meepmoopmeep3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

lol, just ignore them.
that's why agrees/disagrees don't phase me.

but yeah, i'm sure the PS3 or whatever will do the wet-work

squallheart3425d ago

I already got a 3D set i'm just waiting for the technology to catch up my pc already outputs 3d but i want ps3 XD

Lord Anubis3425d ago

my most recent viewing of 3D was at the San Francisco's Metreon in the iMax cinema. They displayed the last 30 minutes of the last Harry potter movie in 3D. It was unreal. like the actors were performing right infront of my eyes. 3D tech has potential.

Michael Jackson3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"Is it just me or is frank wearing make up on his cheeks?"

Nope, it's not just you. Apparently, he borrowed some from your purse. xD

rockleex3425d ago

When people went to watch Beowulf in 3D!

I don't mind wearing these glasses. But is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY to make a regular HDTV display 3D?

I don't think people would want to spend $1-2,000 on another HDTV just to play their games in 3D.

hay3425d ago

I it'll be PS3 based, as some 3D movies you can watch on ordinary TV. Cool stuff either way, can't wait to get immersed.

Ryudo3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

@Micheal Jackson

Read your own comment it doesn't even make sense r-tard.

So your saying he ain't wearing it but he borrowed some from me to wear it you bloody muppet.

SL1M DADDY3425d ago

PS3-D FTW? If it could do all games in 3-D, that would be a pretty cool deal. Gimmicky, but definitely cool.

SaiyanFury3425d ago

Frankly it wouldn't surprise me that Sony would be playing around with other HD technologies to make them a reality on the PS3. Lord knows they are going to every length to make the PS3 the best viable value on the market to make up for it's increased price. Lord knows just the BD playback in native 1080p is great. On top of that, the built in g-Band Wi-Fi is a great addition and the painless wireless media interface. The simple value of the console is simply the best full HD experience for the money. On top of the value of the console, you can change out the HDD for a larger one to keep large amounts of media on for cheap compared to the 360. Want a 500GB HDD? For 100 dollars you can make that a realty. The largest 360 HDD, the 120GB model? 135 dollars for their proprietary model. The PS3 offers the most HD freedoms for the price. Simply put, for the full HD experience, the PS3 is the best price.

Michael Jackson3425d ago

Uhh.. Read my comment again. I said no, it's not just you. Meaning, I agree with you that he IS wearing makeup. Who's the R-tard, now? lol

Beast_Master3425d ago

They do have the technology to make a TV in 3D. In fact Superman Returns was the first film shot with this technology in mind. But like everyone else has said, HD tvs still have not penetrated enough homes for people to go out and get the upgrade. It will probably be about 10 years before 3D TVs become household items.

I think Sony should release one 3D game to see how it does. I mean if we have learned anything from Nintendo it is that peripherals move software. They don't need to convert their whole library to 3D just see how popular 1 game would be in 3D if it becomes a jugernut than release more. I think People would by a 3D game on PS3 like hotcakes.

sloth4urluv3425d ago

Yes you can make a standard tv display 3D, but it cuts the frame rate in half.

The glasses have LCD shutters on them that alternate between open and closed. since standard tvs have a refresh rate of 60Hz it would be divided up between your two eyes resulting in 30Hz per eye.

It works but it will give you a head ache.

Another interesting feature you could do with a 120Hz Tv is 2 player full screen.
Instead of having 2 player split screen each player would take up the full screen, but be displayed every other cycle.

Its more demanding on the console though so detail would likely have to be cut back.

player9113425d ago

This is the same technology I had in the 90's. Any monitor can do it and any system can do it. All the system does it split the screen into two view points and the glasses have shutters on them, which open and close opposite of the other.

I think I picked up a pair in the late 90's for like $50 for a wireless pair. I still have them actually.

Those "magical" 3D TV's are nothing more then a TV with the software built in. There is no need for special code or a special platform for this to work.

Heck I played the original Quake with those 3D glasses (tells you how long its been out). I've since played Unreal series, Quake, Doom, StarCraft, WoW, etc.

All you need to make it work on your PC are the Stereo NVidia Drivers and a pair of glasses. The frame rate doesn't exactly fall by 50% just because it has to draw 2 different view points. While it does take a minor hit, all of the graphics seen on the screen are already stored in the RAM from drawing the first screen

DaTruth3425d ago

For everybody asking if you need a specific TV. You apparently don't cause I have the TV they are showing it on and I'm really glad because I almost bought a Samsung. If you read the article you will see him wearing glasses and they are not shutter glasses.

IcarusOne3425d ago

Actually, Superman Returns was shot on the Genesis in standard 2D workflow. The 3D effect was added later. Cameron has designed a camera with Sony that consists of 2 imagers feeding into a master deck - essentially recreating the stereoscopic way that our eyes see. Journey to the Center of the Earth was the first wide release film to use this tech, though Cameron released two IMAX docs that were shot using the first generation of this system.

The tech does exist to turn a normal display into 3D and it doesn't require a new TV. Basically it's a refractive film that is placed over the display, similar to the way holographic posters work. I don't know how far along the tech is or how expensive it will be in the consumer market, but Sony may be using this. The benefit is it doesn't require glasses and can be fitted to any screen - TV's, laptops, phones, etc. All it requires is a 3D signal from the source.

I can see this being very exciting to the games industry, akin to when polygons first hit the scene.

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swiftshot933425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

i couldnt have picked a better game to have in 3-d. 1080p, 60 fps, and in 3d?! Plus Wipeout is just plain awesomesauce! the ps3 is too amazing!

Edit: Gran Turismo? *faints*

rockleex3425d ago

Eyepet!!! ^_^

It will REALLY feel like you're interacting with a virtual pet! >:D

Anyways, imagine the next exclusive horror game for the PS3. You're walking down a dark hallway, you notice a shadow had just moved... then BAM! The monster JUMPS OUT OF THE SCREEN AT YOU!!! >:D

Especially if that horror game utilized the PS Eye for interactivity! ^_^

Snow3425d ago

Sony is really leading the charge into 3D gaming.I guarantee out of MS,Nintendo,Sony.It will be Sony to bring 3D gaming to the public.

Look at eye of judgment for example.Eye Pet as well !
Imagine Wipeout HD in full 1080 @60 FPS in 3D.

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it..

cayal3425d ago

Sony will bring out 3D. Microsoft will bring out 'ThreeD'.

callahan093425d ago

Eye of Judgment is so cool. Any collectible card game player from the past or present should check it out. It's a great game with a great set of rules and great cards, and the camera integration is absolutely brilliant. Watching your cards come to life is very cool, and the ability to play online without needing to actually find someone in real life to play against is the icing on the cake.

player9113425d ago

Sorry, but PC's had this ability 10 years ago. PS3 isn't doing anything revolutionary. They're just making light of old technology

Aclay3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I want to see AND PLAY Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3 in 3D :)

Sony brought Killzone 2 and Infamous to CES, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did show Killzone 2 in 3D!!

rhood0223425d ago

oh man..that would be completely awesome. Imagine playing Killzone 2, or any fps, and have the illusion of rockets and tracer rounds flying at you. Or GOW 3 and fighting the huge Titans and, like the Colossus battle in GOW 2, fighting it head on in 3D.

I hope that this is something that a) can be outfitted within the next few years; b) integral to the PS4.

hay3425d ago

Combine it with headtracking and what you'll have?

player9113425d ago

That is that they need to do.