Volatile's Secret 360/PS3 Un-Named Triple A Shooter Plus 2 Other Secret 360/PS3 Projects at Blitz-Games.

OXCGN finds 3 new possibly 'secret' upcoming games: Crime Scene, Continental Hotel, and Eagle King:

"Crime Scene is obviously a detective based first person perspective game based on the game engine footage shown in the clip. It shows a crime scene with an overlaid narrative of what "must have" taken place. The details look mighty fine and hopefully this is all in-game engine footage demonstrating how the engine works.

Upon checking out the engine's details, we find 3 games, or styles of games: two from Blitz Games section and one from Volatiles adults games section; the aforementioned Triple A Shooter.

Now these are either simply examples of the engine at work, or prototypes of 3 games in 3 different genres that Volatile and Blitz Games are looking at releasing over the next few years."

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gaminoz3480d ago

The screenies for Continental Hotel are really nice, and the vid for Crime Scene looks like it could be fun...if it's a bit more than the CSI game was.

Not much on display yet, so we'll probably have to wait until some game show to see more about them.

Cwalat3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

E3.. yeah, then we'll probably see some more footage...

But i gotta say, what i saw here.. is enough to get me pretty hyped for 2009 new IP's.. :)

Kill Crow3480d ago

from a bit of non in-game footage ... if you're into that sort of thing great, but to bandy around tripple A for every release so early ... going to overhype it into oblivion !!!

mfwahwah3479d ago


They call it Triple A because that's what it's listed as >.>

Godem3480d ago

A good Crime Scene game could be really good... Im thinking it would have be similar to a point and click game, which are awesome...

XboxOZ3603480d ago

The Crime Scene game (Triple A Shooter) seems like it will be a "shooter based around a FPP (first person perspective) rather than any other viewpoint. Possibly a cross between TPP and FPP such as Rainbow Six etc.

As the emphasis is being placed on the game being a "Shooter" . .not an adventure game. If it is tied together with a solid stealth mode, some great puzzel-solving sets, and a good FPP gameplay, it could open up the genre' rather nicely.

BlackIceJoe3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I really dig seeing new game genres other then just the same old same old. Crime Scene looks like it could be really cool. I also dig the art style of Continental Hotel. I also wonder what Eagle King could be too.I hope to hear more on these games soon.

games4fun3480d ago

1. continental hotel looks like a good version of UT3(cant believe i bought it instead of cod4 what was i thinking?) game.

2. CSI genre? sorry its too slow paced of a genre i would rather play an rpg.

3. speaking of rpgs? Eagle King looks like an RPG and is very interesting or maybe another GoW like game or DMC game?

either way the pics look nice and i'm always happy to hear there are more games on the way :)

gaminoz3480d ago

I'm hoping you solve crimes without the very slow pace and lack of movement of CSI. Sort of like the Condemned bit with forensic stuff.

Xandet3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

happened to Possession ( )!? I was so psyched for that game.. now we get CSI.

XboxOZ3603480d ago

Possession is still "in development" as are many games. Just because we don't hear about them ALL, doesn't mean they are not around or being made, it simply means, we haven't been hearing about them.

If you check out our 360 games listing ( which I'm currently adding more games to btw, you'll see a HUGE amount of games that are still under construction, some are still a few years off, some are just around the corner, but haven't been talked about much.

We can not expect every developer in the world who's working on a game to have it out on schedule, let alone even work on it constantly without working on others that bring in the "bread-n-butter" ($$$). Plus we need to embrace more innovation being done by the developers, rather than being over critical of the very first iteration of a game.

No new IP or product is the best it can be, it will always have more that could be done to it, but a line has to be drawn in the sand at some point and they have to say, enough, we need to move forward to production, or risk losing everything.

I've spotted a few more games that are going on the listing, and I'll pop up hear in due course, unless some other kind soul finds them first of course.

Xandet3479d ago

"Possession is currently on hold in order to focus resources on developing our Triple A title, which we will be announcing soon… Watch this space!

Thanks for your enquiry (yes, she spelled inquiry wrong)


Debbie Henderson

Assistant PR Manager"

Guess we'll just have to wait and see..

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