CES09: Unleash Your Inner Creator with Microsoft's New Xbox LIVE Community Game "Kodu"

Microsoft announced today that it will turn Xbox 360 players into creators with the release of their new game, "Kodu". Launching on the Xbox LIVE Community Games Channel, "Kodu's" easy to use game creation techniques will make building personal playgrounds simple for anyone, with the help of an Xbox 360 controller. During a keynote speech at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 12-year-old student, Sparrow joined Microsoft's President of the Entertainment and Devices Division, Robbie Bach on stage to demonstrate the intuitive game that lets players choose from a variety of visual building blocks in order to develop their own unique creation.

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DavidMacDougall3478d ago

HAHAHAHAHA!!! God that is horrid. Bet thats what serial killers see in there dreams right next to Steve Ballmer saying developers, developers, developers over and over, no wonder they kill people i ****ing would!!

What the hell am i talking about again?

This game?? Sucks!

resistance1003478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

It looks alright and will give it a go however i won't be expecting anything from it, i'm slighty disapointed that no new games for there 09 line up has been annouced on this keynote as i don't want another halo or a halo based RTS at that.

Just as well theres gears 2 and i brought Fifa 09 on the X360 so at least i will get some use out of it.

Nathan Drake3478d ago

Halo Wars
Ninja Blade
Alan Wake(?)

Now of course they're going to announce(in the near future I hope) a lot more games for 09 other than Halo Halo and Ninja Alan,but as of right now,their lineup is definitely weak.

jkhan3478d ago

What did you expect, it wasn't a game show. Microsoft will probably announce a couple of titles most probably MassEffect 2 and SplinterCell Conviction to come out in fall 2009. The confirmed lineup as of now consist of HaloWars, Ninja Blade, and Halo 3 ODST plus a bunch of casual titles. It looks alright add MassEffect 2, Alan Awake and Splinter Cell Conviction to this list and it looks fine better than 2008 lineup.

cayal3478d ago

Not if ME2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are multi-plat.

Fallen_Angel3477d ago

everyone seem to be forgetting about star ocean 4.

cayal3477d ago

Also a possible multi-plat.

gaffyh3477d ago

Ninja blade sucks soo bad, if anyone has played the demo and thinks that it is good please say so. Ninja Gaiden is so much better, and Ninja Blade just looks like NG, but slightly worse graphics and terrible slow paced gameplay.

I hope to God that Alan Wake and ME2 are released this year, cos I would like to actually play games on my 360. Although I still got some games I need to finish.

Funny how PS3 had no games at launch, and now 360 seems to have no games for 2009. lol.

FarEastOrient3477d ago

Kudo, looks like their trying to knock off Little Big Planet :(

Alan Wake has been a tech demo for the longest time now, it would be nice to know how serious they are on this project. I hope it is good because it'll be going to compete against Heavy Rain, which so far looks much better and more innovative.

resistance1003477d ago


I know it isn't a game show, however i was under the impression that we would see there 09 line-up here.

MNicholas3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Pun intended. Poor graphics, clunky interface, and virtually no thought to being fun and compelling.

It looks like a victim of the old "design by a committee" approach which Microsoft is famous for and is little more than a dull check-list of "features".

Matpan3477d ago

I hate people saying 360 has no games... let's see... For a person that has a 360 he will get the exclusives MS lauches in 2009 PLUS ALL the multi-plat games... that sounds like a LOT of games to me!!!

The only games you CAN'T get if you own a 360 in 09 are PS3 EXCLUSIVES... and this works both ways... PS3 owners can get their exclusives and all of Multi-plasts PLUS their exclusives *they won't be getting 360s exclusives also)... so both consoles have a deal of great games in 09...

Poor lineup?... I don't think of exclusives once I own a console. I think of EVERY game I can get for it... 360 has many games coming out in 09.. and has already have a nice deal of exclusives so far :)

PS3 is also a tempting platform and sure has lots of good things coming in 09. I will try to get one soon.

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Cajun Chicken3478d ago

This does not appeal to me one ounce.

midgetsanx3478d ago

It sounds nice but I don't know where to see the latest footage.

phosphor1123477d ago

I remember looking at footage not too long ago (try googling it). It looked pretty crappy to be honest and I knew it would not be as friendly as LBP. Even the guys commented on that site link above said "its confusing". It's style is meant to be for those people who have used "RPG Maker" not for "people of all ages". Just look at it.

In the wise words of Walter
"Once the plan gets too complex, everything goes to sh*t" And thats what this game maker did. It's too complex for its target audience.

Parapraxis3478d ago

This is so ORIGINAL, what a refreshing NEW concept *coughLittleBigPlanetcough*

Cajun Chicken3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Actually, I was thinking its more like a 3D version of 'Logo', anyone ever use that at school? man that was annoying. Damned turtle.
Also looks dreadful.

hippo243478d ago

Wow someone else in the world who played Logos. I don't know if you could consider that a game, but I do loathe that turtle.

On a serious note It does seem rather odd that a Microsoft developed game comes out a few short months after LBP, and I'm sure the relative success of that game probably helped egg them on. Unfortunately games take quite a while to make(especially ones where customization is a big element)so I doubt they are directly related.

Also let's not forget the ingenuity of LBP comes not from the concept of making your own levels, but from the tools and the style in which it does it. So unless the main character is named "bagboy", I think its safe to say their probably only mildly related.

Vecta3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

This game was announced before LBP was. Don't post stupid comments.

Besides this is not a level builder like LBP, this is a game builder.