Games for Lunch Review: Polarium

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I was intrigued by this simple-looking puzzler when it first came out alongside the DS, but it took a drop to a ridiculous $5 used price point at GameStop to get me to actually buy it.

0:01 Right to the title screen. "View game tutorial" is the first question. "Yes" is the first answer.

0:02 "This game is controlled with a stylus. Buttons will not function." Wow, did they really have to explain that concept in so many words in the early days of the DS?

0:04 Half of the tutorial is about how to use the stylus. The other half is about how to draw lines to flip black and white tiles. Horizontal rows that all match a single color disappear. It's like Tetris meets Picross!"

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