HOME Truths: the Good, the Bad, and the WTF?

Gameplayer Writes:
This Christmas break was a wonderful, magical time for the gameplayer staff. When we all returned to the office each of us had many a story of hi-jinks and daring.

Music festival junkie Chris retold the parts of the holidays when he was sober and aware (all ten minutes, forty seven seconds of it), Nathan bespoke of making millions on Software stocks and then losing it all at the track (greyhounds, not horses), and Clint was a little too 'refreshingly honest' when he told us he got the surgery but changed right back because he got homesick for urinals. Thanks for sharing, Clint.

When it came time for my turn to speak I decided to relate my experiences on PlayStation Home. You see, being stuck interstate at an 'aunty-in-law's' house, I spent a sizable portion of time 'researching Home' (read: avoiding the crazy old whack-job).

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DavidMacDougall3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

You can't research 5 rooms, 4 odd arcade games, chess, checkers, pool, bowling, and the same 4 trailers = Europian Home

SlappingOysters3358d ago

hi Dave. so... got a video?

darkequitus3357d ago

It is just a shame why that felt the need to gimp the EU beta. even the US square is better. Don't get it at all.


FarEastOrient3357d ago

I wish they were more honest and know that you can't do a full research without going to the other servers. I have access to both the American and Hong Kong servers and they are completely different from each other. The Japanese server is different from the others...

So far:

Hong Kong:
Movie Theater: 2 Screens
Town Square: Has weather, events(example New Years), and 2 screens
Mall: 1 screen, boat load of posters
Display Room: Nothing
Apartment: Summer Home & Beach House
Game Room: Bowling
Aracade Games: 9

Same as above except:
Namco Rooms

United States
Movie Theater: 1 screen
Town Square: Has a game, Music station, no weather yet
Mall: Chess, 1 screen
Apartment: Summer House & Beach House
Game Room: 3 Arcade, Pool, Bowling
Far Cry Room
Uncharted Room

I think all servers get the Red Bull room at the end of the week.

But the pedo story was funny... Let's continue hitting on a beta, Google anyone...

rockleex3357d ago

to add the ability for multiple game sessions to be done on the same Arcade machine.

For pool and bowling, they simply need to add more lanes and more pool tables.

If its nearly impossible to find an open Pool table right now, whats going to happen when there are millions of users in each region of Home? They need to find a solution now before its too late.

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3358d ago
SlappingOysters3358d ago

Home is just a colossal stuff up all around. Good in theory, terrible in practice.

Reminds me of the SIXAXIS

chasegamez23357d ago

home is cool
more fun than those mii sorry avatar

Sez 3357d ago

bu bu bu it's a beta. yeah sure it is. never heard of a beta that charges people for clothes,furniture,new appartment,ect. but hay it's ok. because it's sony with it's hand in your pocket.

Oner3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Correction. ***IF*** you want those things. NOT mandatory as you try to make it seem. I have more than enough FREE stuff between Echochrome, Icebreaker, Dig Dug, Pac-Man, Xevious, Galaga and soon to be Red Bull, Capcom & MANY MANY other FREE offerings by similar companies...

Also why are you only calling out HOME for being a "not beta" beta? What about this VERY SITE you are using? N4G? They have ad's where they get money off of you or can "get you" to OMG! buy stuff like HATS & T-SHIRTS!!! ~

Amazing why/how you only call out a SONY product but not one you ACTUALLY use!


Dark General3357d ago

Funny stuff. "dancing gangbang trap". But like i said of the beta, needs more stuff. Until then it's pretty boring. A laugh here and there and nothing much beyond that. Come on give us the ability to stream music from our Hard Drive throughout our Home apartments.