Cnet: Live blog: Ballmer at CES

With Bill Gates now a Microsoft part-timer, CEO Steve Ballmer is filling in at this year's opening keynote for the Consumer Electronics Show. We're bringing you live coverage of his speech, which started at about 6:30 p.m. PST. Windows 7 is likely to be the centerpiece of Ballmer's discussion. Another piece of his keynote--a deal with Verizon Wireless--leaked out earlier in the day Wednesday. It's a five-year pact that will see Microsoft's search show up on all of the carriers' phones.

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GrieverSoul3449d ago

Has anyone seen this guy´s presentations?
Its like he is on steroids or something! lol

Cwalat3449d ago

seriously.. this guy is so fu****ng annoying, you just wanna grab a shotgun and kill him...

yz2503449d ago

i may like my 360 and all but this dude wouldn't be the "face" of any of my products, if i owned a corporation of course. something doesn't look right about him, i dont know. his resume' would've been DENIED

JeepCreeper863449d ago

Wow... this dude looks like the boomer from L4D...