Prototype is looking better than ever in this new trailer

Destructoid Writes:

"When Prototype was announced way back in 2007, I was almost immediately sold on the concept. Sandbox games rank among some of my favorites, even if they often times have their fair share of faults (see: Mercenaries 2).

As time went by, I slowly became less and less interested in Prototype as almost everyone who got to play the open-world game had mostly negative things to say. And wouldn't you know it, I'm once again anticipating Prototype thanks to the video above."

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Cajun Chicken3394d ago

I know, I know, I know...

But Summer?!? Noooooooooo!!!! That's too long!!!

UnSelf3394d ago

SUMMER?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!??!?! ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!



chaosatom3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

The trailer has me sold. :)

^^^^^^^^^^^^Monkey from dragon ball z. Easy on the CAPS.

Although for this game, I Don't want it to turn into a Hulk game, if u know what I mean. Can anybody provide me with some good info on the game.

UnSelf3394d ago

sry, just love this title.

anyway the game has a pretty good backstory which takes a very far backseat to its gameplay.

Ur this guy named Alex i believed, who is hunted on a quaratined manhattan (i believe), by not only the military but an special secret brach of govt named BlackWater (i believe). Throughout the game u grow to learn that ur power seem to have no limits and u go from having things like fast running, and high jumpin, to shift changing and damn near flyin. Ur strength increases also and it u soon get to a point where ur able to activate these powers at will.

Where it differs from titles like the hulk is that in most superhero games when u acheieve a lvl of strenght ur always that lvl of strength but here ur strength, speed, abliities are linked through forms. Kinda like that kid from Ben 10. (dont ask me how i kno about that show i only seen 1 episode)

Aclay3394d ago

Summer 2009 may be a while away, but I think that InFamous will be able to hold you over.

Right now I think that Prototype looks pretty good, but right now I'm liking how InFamous is shaping up much more. InFamous will probably be taking WAY more advantage of the PS3's hardware than Prototype, that's for sure.

Bill3393d ago

The other consoles are slowly but surely getting overshadowed by Sony's Playstation 3 with the upcoming games and current features. Unless some BIG announcements are made from Gang Green, its looking to be a long year and without any more price'll STAY a long year this time.

Panthers3393d ago

Infamous should help too. I wonder which will be better. I have been looking forward to InFamous since its announcement.

SuperM3393d ago

Not convinced. Back when it was announced i thought it looked very cool, but when i saw more gameplay it just looked way to plain and boring. The graphics pale in comparison to Infamous, and the gameplay seems to do the same.

This trailers looked alright, but it didnt really show how the game plays at all. And the gameplay vids ive seen look kinda boring. Anyway i hope this game turns out great, but i have a feeling its not gonna be as great as many people think.

Dmitry Orlov3393d ago

When I first saw it on GDC'07 I was sold.
ARGH! So long till summer.. + summer univercity exams... DAMN IT!

Matpan3393d ago

Nice game!!! IWant It, Want it!!!

BTW: I just Gave you a bubble, Bubbles. Idk... something about your name left me this feeling you needed to earn one from me. Go figure, strange subliminal messages...

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user94220773394d ago

We can play killzone 2 in the mean while my friend

rhood0223394d ago

This current version looks A LOT better than previous iterations. In fact, it actually looks like it could be a fun title. Now, if the story is a decent sci-fi tale (it doesn't necessarily have to be a masterpiece of story telling) then I am sold.

Between this and Infamous, it's going to be a good year for sandbox game enthusiasts.

UnSelf3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

The sandbox genre, ideally speaking, is the ideal, essential genre of the videogame medium.

Think about it.

In games , we find ourselves goin back to them to set ourselves free from our real lives into our surreal lives.....a life where we want no boundaries or limits to our possibilities. We want no barriers or limitation, no places where something or someone can say "no u cant go here or be there" and only in a sandbox game can u truly acheieve this.

From our Mario days to our Zelda days, we crown these titles as suberb becuz of where their essence lied. Though Mario wasnt open world per se, it invited u into a world wit lil limitation and then became fully open world in its other technically improved iterations which leads me to believe Mayamoto, if he had the techinology, wouldve made Mario open world from jump. Zelda has always been about an open world quest. One of its open world installments is so great is sometimes heralded as the best game ever created. (OOT).

And what other titles fall into this catergory? GTA3 post series- (open world). Praised.

Zeldas (open world) praised
Marios (open world) praised

Even games like Crackdown (my personal fav game of all time) and LOK: Soul Reaver receievd amazing scores and this is a trend u neva see change wit open world titles. Ones that are innovative and original that is.

I wish not at all to undermine any other genre out there as K2 is my number 1 most anticipated game of the 1st half yr of 09 and that is a FPS shooter. My point is world games is the reason we play games essentially. Sure over time we grow to accept, like and even love other genres like sports, racing, fighting etc but open world or in other words Ultimate Freedom games captures us from our NES days and everytime we sample a bit of open world in any title, we smile wit glee.

Next time u play a game think about it. Whether it be a Rpg or a racing game, pay attention to the open world aspect of it and when u find it......just think of how much more fun ur experience is.

N4360G3394d ago

Prototype and Infamous are both looking awesome.I can't wait to play both on my PS3 later on this year!!

user94220773394d ago

The flying looks amazing in this game

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