Three Things I Liked About X-Blades


"The last game in the world I expected to like anything about is X-Blades – it's a blatantly sexist, shallow anime rip-off with a paper-thin plot.

But it turns out that this blatantly sexist, shallow anime rip-off game does a few things so well that I can almost overlook the sexism, the shallowness and even the plot."

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SublimingMass3482d ago

seems I'm not the only one looking forward to this game
i have huge love for anime (Zoku_Natsume_Yuujinchou awesome first episode can't wait for the next one) and hack and slash games are always easy to pick up and play
Yes i do like dynasty warriors and the like

user94220773482d ago

I'm sure many more people are looking forward to this aswell

noxeven3482d ago

looks like this its gonna be good. I hope the price point is set a stable amount. I personally want this and bikini samuria squad