Editorial: Are Games Gay Enough?

Kombo writes:

Who would have thought that it would take an optional mission in a random game to get me thinking about the state of homosexual characters in today's games, but it seems that's precisely what happened. You see, the other day I was tromping about in Fable II when I happened across a random farm in the countryside. Like most regions in Fable, the kindly proprietor of the farm had a task for me, one which I took on with much relish. You see, the farmer was concerned about his son, a strapping young man who had yet to find that special lady with whom he would carry on the family name. Our friend of the earth asked me to go into the city and find a proper date for his boy, a gal who could make the surprisingly eligible bachelor happy. I took on the task, but figured it would be wise to chat with the young man first, as this all seemed a bit odd.

Sure enough, when I mentioned the task to the farmer's son he immediately got nervous and began to stumble and stammer. This boy had a secret, and I was beginning to understand exactly what it was. I decided to head off into town and woo a villager for this lovelorn soul, and I did exactly that, and he was a fine gentleman indeed. That's right, though the random NPC in the sidequest never said the words out loud, the boy was gay, and he had been trapped living a lie for a long, long time.

After finding the date and returning to the farm, I witnessed what was a rather tender moment between father and son, as the boy opened up to his dad about his hidden feelings and his father reacted first with genuine shock, then acceptance and understanding. While it may be the sort of outing homosexual individuals hope for when they finally decide to break the news, things rarely work out so calmly. All in all, it was a surprisingly touching moment for a game which up to that point had allowed me to wantonly kill villagers; loot and pillage till my pockets were overflowing and generally be all sorts of a bastard. I had never expected Fable to teach me a lesson in matters of human sexuality, and it got me thinking.

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UnSelf3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

and it got me thinkin ima stay away from ur site bro

joeyda3478d ago

Why's that? Homophobic?

Solid article.

3477d ago
gw4k3477d ago

Powertesties should have his own blog. Haha You made a killer point. Good work. Bubble for you. Non offense, just a good point being made.

incogneato3477d ago

Agreed. I'm sure now that this has been revealed there will be a gay rights march held for the poor virtual boy. Kombo = lol. Pathetic.

SRU96003477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but some of us do not wish to offend God, so please excuse us if we don't celebrate a lifestyle that He Himself has told us to avoid.

I accept what the Bible says as truth, so I will not jump on the "isn't being gay awesome?!!!" bandwagon.

If that makes me "homophobic" in most people's eyes, then so be it.
Pleasing God matters most to me.

thereapersson3477d ago

LOL!!!!!!!!! Bubbles for that comment!

Scotracer3477d ago

So you believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old, that dinosaurs and man lived together, that God created light before he created the stars to give us it, that there was a talking snake, that women were created from a man's rib, that there is a invisible person listening to you and talking to you (sounds like an imaginary friend to me) at all times and other such nonsensical rubbish? Well if that's so, your opinion on anything means nothing to me and a great deal of others (I'd hope).

SRU96003477d ago

"Well if that's so, your opinion on anything means nothing to me and a great deal of others (I'd hope)"

It's not my opinion that you need to be worried about. ; )

Scotracer3477d ago

I know it's not, it's the opinion of the most powerful person on earth (who is openly religious). Will Zeus/Buddha/Thor/Yahweh/[enter whichever fictional deity you believe in] have mercy on us all.

Religion is the biggest mental illness on this planet and must be eradicated.

(yes, btw I am bi)

PooEgg3477d ago

Wake up people, god loves gay people just as much as he loves straight people. God isn't a homophobe. I am so tired of people making God sound like some horrible hateful being.

What gives you or the church the right to judge another person? In fact doesn't the bible your so familiar with teach you better? Seriously, the people going to hell will be the hate mongers, not the gays.

And guess what, I am not even gay, but I can't stand people who use God as an excuse to act like jerks.

Sarcasm3477d ago

"Lance huh? Well you look Lance in the eyes and just say... WTF did you just say Lance?"

SullyDrake3477d ago

There's always Enchanted Arms.

Saint Sony3477d ago

You say you are straight and you know things like this?..

Death3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Does this make me gay? The act of homosexuality is an abomination in Gods eye. At the same time sin is sin with none weighing more than another. A straight person lusting after his neighbors wife is no better than a couple guys bumpin uglies. If sin is sin and all sin is forgiven to those that accept Christ's sacrifice, then what is the problem? You can be a Christian and be gay. The life style might not make God smile, but at the same time no sin does. Christ does not persecute homosexuals, man does that. Christ loves us all equally, even those that choose not to believe in Him.


SRU96003477d ago

PooEgg, if your comments are directed at me, please note that I did not call anyone names (I can't say the same for you, however).

I do not hate gay people and I do not wish to see them harmed.

I simply accept that God does not find their actions acceptable. Just like I accept that He does not find stealing, murder and adultery acceptable.

Some people (like myself) are not willing to excuse any and all behaviour just so that we will be called "tolerant" and "open-minded" by people like yourself.

Xi3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

there's your problem.

Tolorence isn't a lable, it's an action and mindset. If people started spouting sterotypes about Xians in real life, like they do about gay people, how would you feel? Oh right, the majority rarely feels the pains of the minority. Imagine if a close family member came out, would you no longer love or care about that person? no longer tolerate their existence? Would you label them as the a sinner, and claim them as not being equal to you?

Tolerance is about putting human beings first, and everything second.

Edit- by claiming that homosexuality is a sin, you infer that the actions of said sin will cause those which commit it, enternance into hell. Based on the dichotomy of religion, you're either good/bad, therefore you indirectly call all homosexuals 'bad', not only that, you call all people who tolerate it bad.

And yes, you don't have any right to judge a human being, thats not up to your discrestion, afteral you're not a god nor a court, and you don't carry that responsability.

SRU96003477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I said none of those things, Xi.

My use of the word "tolerant" was not a literal one. I am speaking of the "how dare you judge another human being" definition of tolerance that is so prevalent in today's society.

Oh, and good job spouting off about tolerance while using the offensive term "Xians" in your post. lol

Xi3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

It's shorthand and holds no negative connotations. It's the equivelent of saying gay, instead of homosexual. It seems like you're being hypersensative to invoke sympathy, not to mention you're deviating from the concerns I posted. Nice try playing the 'victim' card.

SRU96003477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

If you are going to use inflammatory terms for Christians you need to be prepared for the criticism, Xi.

You and I both know that Xian is not "the equivelent of saying gay", it is the offensive act of taking "Christ" out of the word Christian. (despite the nonsense stating otherwise).

Trying to play innocent just makes you look small.

Tolerance goes both ways, you know...

TapiocaMilkTea3477d ago

"Also, for homosexuals, may I suggest a Nintendo Wii? You will love all the games on that system!"

hm....I suggest sticking with the PS3 for the best Final Fantasy experience instead.

JD_Shadow3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

1. Since you're with a Christian viewpoint, I also assume you're American as well. Thus, do you also think that humanity and being American first (which basically means having the same rights and privileges as the person next to you has) should win over anything that any bible will tell you? There IS freedom of religion in this country, after all.
2. Do you have any idea what the Bible you're speaking of is (no offense intended, though, since not many people particularly know or even think about any of this when reading the Bible, no offense intended towards any of THEM, either)? It's something that was found centuries ago (I can't recall off the top of my head when exactly it was they found these testaments). It was in all Greek (on tablets, though, again, I might not be completely accurate), and the text needed to be translated to find out what it actually said. During that time, a lot of the words that were used (the old way of speaking during that time) were the type in which we today will never truly find the real meanings or translations of. Thus, when someone goes to translate the text of the Holy Bible, they must use context clues as to what they translated earlier on in a verse in order to find out what the meaning of a word or group of them that they don't have the true translation of actually is. It's because of this that the Bible is not completely accurate in its translations (why do you think we have several versions like the KJV and the NIV now with new editions printed every so often?). Plus, some translators can have their own beliefs get in the way of what they translate a certain phrase (when they can get away with it, of course). There are also certain priests who are so homophobic that they will switch Bible versions in order to find the version that is most condemning version of a certain scripture that would condemn homosexuality. There are a lot of things that should be considered there.

And ABOUT those verses. There are a few things you might also want to consider. The famed story of Sodom happened because of inhospitably (Lot gave up those angels to prostitution), homosexuality had nothing to do with it. There's even a scripture later on in the Old Testament (whose rules became obsolete with the finding of the New Testament, which kills the Leviticus thing, as well) that actually tells what Lot's crime was: Inhospitably (forget which Book in the OT it was, but trust me, it's in there). In the NT, Paul's words have been misused to condemn nearly EVERY minority in history. However, no one bothers to check Peter II, in which Peter warns everyone to not take Paul's words literally, and to be careful about how much one can read into what Paul says. The book after Paul's (which has another verse that is viewed to condemn homosexuality) is actually a case of the translation issues I mentioned above (there's a few words that really get mangled during such, and some other words whose translations will never be found).

As such, even if someone were a Christian, there are also several things one must consider. Despite what some may say, the translators are not "sent by God".

If you want to know more about THAT entire debate (yes, there IS a HOTLY contested debate about what the Bible actually says about homosexuality), there's a very good website called Religious Tolerance. They talk about all religions and hot button issues, with homosexuality being one of them (here's the starting page for the section: http://www.religioustoleran... . They bring up some very good points for both sides).

Okay, THIS gamer's brain has been working in overdrive tonight, has it? (Talking about mine, of course).

InMyOpinion3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

God says whatever you want God to say. If you want to use God to defend your ignorance, kill innocent people (infidels/heathens) or just as a way to opress in general it's all possible thanks to personal interpretation. Read in whatever you like. Religion is a way of controlling weak minds.

Movie tip: Funny yet shocking.

And here's Ted Haggard, former president of the National Association of Evangelicals, until he was caught taking methamphetamine and fornicating with men that is.

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aubradley3478d ago

It's unfortunate that gay characters get such a bum rap in games, you'd think such a cutting edge industry would be more willing to push the envelope when it comes to social matters.

MattyF3477d ago

That's because being gay is still awkward in society. If people think you are gay in public setting they'll stare at you and mock you. My friend dressed at David Bowie this Halloween and looked gay as him. So many people looked at him with eyes of disgust. We found it funny and he played into the role. People aren't ready to "accept" homosexual situations into their everyday lives.

3477d ago
TheExodus3477d ago

@Powertesties: Sounds like football, no?

Bubble Buddy3477d ago

A Neil Patrick Harris game soon? He's immortal so the respawning actually makes sense.

TheTwelve3477d ago

...isn't how I define the quality of a game. Sorry.


PotNoodle3477d ago

Had some rather homosexual elements to it, even if they were not intentional :D

TheTwelve3477d ago

Only if you're looking real hard for it...


heyheyhey3477d ago

MGS touches on EVERY social issue

PotNoodle3477d ago

I've played through all the metal gear solid games in the main series at least 15 times each, i'm bound to notice things like that :P