White Knight boosts PS3 sales 16%, US release confirmed

Level-5's juggernaut RPG White Knight Chronicles debuted in Japan about 2 weeks ago and garnered an absolutely steallar reception. The PS3 exclusive RPG sold over 132,000 copies it's first day and went on to sell over 200,000 copies its first week. Media Crate just revealed their hardware reports for the same week.

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rroded3507d ago

pls pls say its ready to ship b4 killzone comes lol

So tempted to order a copy of the japan version if only i had the dosh and read japanese sigh...

pumpkinpunker3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

level 5 isn't working any magic in Japan.

the first week tales of vesperia came out the 360 outsold the Wii. in fact, in light of that FACT these sales figures are a disappointment considering the PS3 is made in Japan.

season0073507d ago

for this past week?

hmm ps3 is so dead in japan and actually japan doesn't matter anymore.........who cares about a country that can sell 100k ps3 in 2 weeks or maybe 300k+ Wii in 2 weeks right

USA data for the win!

SL1M DADDY3507d ago

System Seller = Confirmed

Square-Enix Replacement = Confirmed

Yeah I know, FFXIII looks tits but for now, they are in last place when it comes to quality. Level-5 just showed them how it should be done.

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UnSelf3507d ago

(looks to horizon and sees a wave of negative biased sony blogs flyin to N4G)

Unicron3507d ago

Guess you missed the earlier story with this same sales data that was labeled "PS3 struggles even with WKC release."

UnSelf3507d ago not surprised

Chapulin3507d ago

That is some great news. Can't wait to play it.

meepmoopmeep3507d ago

shocker, looking at your avatar who'd have guessed


yeah mate, i'll replay some Dark Cloud 2 before WKC releases
for that ooooh-so-goooood Level 5'ness

chaosatom3507d ago

I thought that 360 won japan? lol, remember the time when 360 actually sold more than ps3 and kotaku, 1up and other people all had something to hail about the 360.

Snow3507d ago

oohhh yeah!! That was funny lol

MasFlowKiller3507d ago

you do know Gametrailer AKA Xbox headquarters i think there the head hancho in this media ball of Sh!t that hates all things sony, if only they new that the ps3 had the best games of 08.

Snow3507d ago

Can't wait till it comes to the west :(

interrergator3507d ago

cant wait for it to come to antartica (jk) lol

TheHater3507d ago

so I can start counting the days before playing this baby.

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