EGM shuttered, but what will take its place?

Globe and Mail game columnist Chad Sapieha writes that despite EGM's closure, there is still room for a mature, sophisticated gaming magazine. From the story:

"To be sure, the magazine's closure will be looked upon by some as a death knell for print game journalism. I wouldn't be too hasty, though. Even as many computing and gaming magazines fold, there are others that continue to slog through the Internet age. Wired, for example, has survived largely because its editors deliver sophisticated, future-looking features, commentary, and profiles that aren't outdated the moment the magazine hits newsstands.

I believe there is space for a game magazine that takes a similar approach. Let the online pubs war with each other to get out timely reviews and exclusive previews. The magazine in my mind would feature industry commentary written by eloquent and informed writers, witty columns penned by precocious and subversive game reporters, and intelligent, well researched speculation on the future of gaming as it is created by the industry's most talented and innovative personalities. In short, a smart magazine for mature gamers filled with content of a sort that you couldn't find simply by surfing over to IGN or Gamespot."

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