X-Play World Premiere: Prototype Trailer

X-Play scores a world exclusive trailer for Sierra and Radical Entertainments genetically-mutated, shape-shifting action game Prototype for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Cajun Chicken3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )


...Bugger, 'Summer'.

chaosatom3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

And plenty time to play.

NDN_Shadow3388d ago

I'm much more likely to play it.

Violater3388d ago

Its looking much better than before also better than Infamous.

Arsenic133388d ago

This game does show promise. Infamous looked so boring and plain when Xplay had the gameplay episode of it. Like even the dev couldn't describe it without repeating everything and dodging questions.

Violater3388d ago

It's from the developers of Incredible Hulk ultimate destruction, so I have faith it will be somewhat good.
As for infamous it did look like it could get redundant, same boring enemies and essentially 1 power.

chaosatom3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Hey Guess what?
I will be Playing Prototype and Infamous. Hurts? doesn't it?
Oh wait, Killzone 2. Icing on the cake.

Here is the link to infamous trailer
just as cool as prototype trailer. Both are about gaining more powers as you progress. It's just that Infamous hasn't shown anything but around 1 st or second level.

btw, Prototype looked boring to me when they showed on x-play a long time ago, but they have improvements and shown new stuff in the trailer, so my excitement for the game is back up.

rucky3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

In fairness comparing the Prototype and Infamous, it will all depend on the execution of the two games. We have not seen a real time gameplay of a person playing Prototype like how it was done with Infamous. It's all about how you present videos and trailers... think about it.

pixelsword3388d ago

...knowing fickle little jerks aren't playing Infamous.

Not everyone can afford everything, that's just life, and I feel sorry for those who aren't able to get all three consoles; but to deride those who can because they cannot makes those people worthy of scorn.

LeonSKennedy4Life3388d ago


He uses electricity, yes...but electricity has thousands of uses. Think about it for like a whole minute.

thewhoopimen3388d ago

gamers like violater who won't be able to play both games and have to base impressions off QVGA vids make me feel bad.
So sad. So sad.

NDN_Shadow3388d ago

Just judging from videos, inFamous is a slower paced game, much like an open world shooter with action elements. On the other hand, Prototype seems faster, with an emphasis on over-the-top action and movement elements.

DeZimatoR3388d ago

This is just like when people were saying Pure was better than MotorStorm: PR because they could only Pure, as MS is a PS3 exclusive.


Dmitry Orlov3387d ago

I saw Infamous trailer right now, and, tell you what, Prototype trailer looks and feels WAY better. And I have a feeling the same will be with the released games.

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Cajun Chicken3388d ago

'XBOX Live'
multiplayer or DLC confirmed for all formats, I thinkies.

byeGollum3388d ago

or does it look better than before?

pixelsword3388d ago

It looks really nice, especially those buildings... *smiles slightly*

Pandemic3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

This game will be awesome.

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