Ghostbusters game on June 16

The long awaited Ghostbusters game now has a solid release date and it looks like the Terminal Reality- developed title will be getting a lot of promotion from its owners Sony. The game is now due for release on June 16. It's also the same day Sony will release the Blu-Ray version of the original 1982 comedy action film, according to The Digital Bits web site.

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Killzonegamer833356d ago

This game should own.. If only Sony would have bought the publishing rights and made this a PS3 exclusive, that would have been a HUGE BLOW to the 360 and would have been great, i say this because it is Sony that now OWNS all the movie rights to the ghostbusters. They should have picked up on this and bought out the rights to make it exclusive, oh well.. Day 1 purchase for me

user94220773356d ago

Ye, I'm sure this game will be a blast on the PS3 and 360

TrevorPhillips3356d ago

game looks alright from a movie to videogame

user94220773356d ago

Yep, I might pick this up depending on reviews etc