Sony: PS3 is a better value than 360, Wii

PCN writes:

While obviously the PS3 is the most expensive console on the market, Sony would like to remind consumers that it provides "the most features and functionality out of the box". PS3Center just received this e-mail from them, comparing the price of the PS3 to the Wii and 360, upgraded to meet the PS3's standards.

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N4360G3240d ago


If you add it all up,in the end the PS3 is the better value overall.

Emmo3240d ago

If the PS3 is better value, that makes it's shocking performance in the second half of '08 even worse.

Mini Mario3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

In the words of the Dmx-

"Here we go again, ..(same old sh*t dog just a different day)"

prowiew3240d ago

Of course ps3 is a better value. The problem is the average consumer just want the cheaper one. The hardcore consumer wants more things at with better value.

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Flipfito3240d ago

I actually agree 100% with this article

meepmoopmeep3240d ago

if you look at it technology wise, yes the PS3 is better value overall

but best value does also come down to the individual consumer and what they need.

i wished the 360 came with WiFi standard because i can't even hook the one i just got
to the internet without paying $113 for the WiFi adaptor
or running 100+ft ethernet cable through my house.

The Lazy One3240d ago

or paying $40 for a wireless router, setting it up as an access point, and using 2 ft. of ethernet cable to hook it up.

but hey... if you want to spend $113, go right ahead.

meepmoopmeep3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

dude, i already have a wireless router

how am i suppose to use a 2ft cable if the router is upstairs
and the closest i can get is maybe 30 feet to my entertainment room?

and how much work is it to conceal 30 feet of cable running through to other rooms?

Homicide3240d ago

That is the biggest flaw the 360 has, no wi-fi. Hell even the Wii has it. I won't be able to go online with the 360 since no wi-fi is included on the 360.

meepmoopmeep3240d ago

yeah, i agree Homicide.
i wish it came standard as well.

i'm not a big online gamer so it's not too bad for me
i'll just wait for the wifi to be on sale or something

Sez 3240d ago

you guys aren't very smart are you. because you could hook your 360 up to your laptop and get wifi. but i guess you didn't know that. and wifi isn't always the best. especially when the ps3 keeps losing connection. wired is the best.

Highatus3240d ago

I agree with being wired is the best, but i disagree with having to turn on another system to utilize a feature on another.

Narutone663240d ago

the USB wifi dongle/adapter? If it does, then you could just buy any cheap USB Wi-fi dongle/adapter and game wirelessly. If not, then tough luck, get a PS3 instead.

meepmoopmeep3240d ago

no, i heard you could only use the MS wifi adaptor
i might be wrong but if i am that's better for me

and anyway, i don't get connection drops much using my PS3's wifi
so i don't know what people keep saying wifi is bad.

Ju3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Access Point: You hook your 360 with a short (1ft or shorter) Ethernet cable directly to an access point which connects wireless to your router. No cables. $50 cheaper. Or they have Ethernet over power lines (e.g. here ), not cheaper then access point, though.

BTW: You have to configure your access point via a PC first.

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Raoh3240d ago

i agree one hundred percent.

now stop sending out emails sony and get back to testing the socom patch.