7 Things a Hardcore Gamer Should Never Admit

In this handy guide (this is merely volume 1) are shameful things that you must under ALL circumstances keep to yourself. Doing so would be the equivalent to painting a big scarlet letter across your Internet handles.

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TheHater3480d ago

And I have use GameFAQ before. I also think FFIV is one of the best game of all time. And yes a video game character has gotten me excited before. Why would I be ashamed of that?

DavidMacDougall3480d ago

The pigeons in GTA4 are to hard to find without a guide!

UnSelf3480d ago

someone please make a "7 lists a web moderator should neva make" list

GWAVE3480d ago

I agree with the bit about FF7. FF7 -- while a decent RPG -- is by no means the best. Anyone who truly believes that FF7 is the best RPG is either:

1) Lying
2) Never played more than one or two RPGs
3) Blinded by nostalgia because FF7 was one of the first RPGs they ever played

Ryudo3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Iv played so many J-RPG's notice you didn't mention the difference although its huge. And I cant remember 1 game made around the same time as 7 that was even close. I still play it to this day on the PC the only game I value with higher regard on the PS1 then Final Fantasy 7 is Suikoden 2 as that game still hasn't aged graphically to this day and is completely playable even now.

Final Fantasy 7 is amazing by any stands and not many J-RPG's hold much weight to it. You tell me a J-RPG that sold 9.8million copys like FF7. When Final Fantasy 7 first got released people honestly believe there was only one game on the PSX the rest didn't matter.

Defiantmac3480d ago

Yeah, because you're not allowed to have the opinion that a game you have played is the best one you have ever played...

I liked it more than any RPG I have ever played, and I have played pretty much all of the ones you will see in a top 5 list anywhere... Hell, I like it more than any game I have ever played, what's wrong with that?

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Nathan Drake3480d ago

I actually used a walkthrough whilst playing Ocarina of Time,IN MY DEFENSE I WAS YOUNG

Panthers3480d ago

I always end up using FAQs for FF games, but just for the extras, since some of the stuff would be impossible to find out without it.

Homicide3480d ago

I used faqs for FFXII for those hunts.

guiltyspark3480d ago

Its just admitting they are not real gamers and instead just empty shells of the ps2 fans that moved on to X moses 3 parts the sea

DavidMacDougall3480d ago

That something you learned at the church of bloodmask?

N4360G3480d ago

LOL DavidMacDougall,bubbles!!

Sangria3480d ago

I used a FAQ to complete FF X-2 at 100%, and yes, i... sort of... enjoyed playing the game. But please don't kill me !

George Sears3480d ago

FFX-2 was pretty cool. The Active Battle System was one of my favorites and I am also proud of passing the game 100% plus fighting every monster Oversouled. (I think over souled was the name)

I was also pretty hooked on BLITZBALL!!! (On FFX as well =P)

Highatus3480d ago

Should i be ashamed about being able to change their clothes and enjoyed it?

Sangria3480d ago

You mean... like Kiss Dolls?

George Sears3480d ago

Heh, of course I know the Konami code. Not to mention that Eva says it when you hold her up in MGS3. =P

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The story is too old to be commented.