Halo Wars, Halo 3 ODST Featured in New GamePro

The February 2009 issue of GamePro is coming soon, and it is devoted to all things Halo and Xbox 360. The cover story on Halo Wars contains exciting new details on The Flood, your nemesis in the campaign mode (hint: it's a character you may remember from Halo 2), and tons of all-new info and HD screenshots from one of the best-looking Xbox 360 games yet.

But that's not all -- GamePro has also got an exclusive two-page interview with Bungie on their ambitious plans for Halo 3: ODST, the standalone Halo 3 expansion due out this fall.

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DavidMacDougall3395d ago

LOL in that picture its standing there like the worlds first gay robot!

zonetrooper53395d ago

I like Halo, tis a fun game.

ThichQuangDuck3395d ago

anymore halo games that come out is just milking it because halo 3 got boring fast and multiplayer just wasnt as good as halo 2. Single player was ok but of course left off so they could milk it some more. I hope microsoft comes out with a new ip instead of halo soon. Yes I have a 360 and am not a PS3 fanboy even though I think killzone 2 looks like it will do better than Halo 3 in reviews and hopefully beat this halo 3 odst garbage. Whats next microsoft? lego halo, halo manopoly, halo mountain dew, halo 360, halo zune, halo controller. No but seriously make some new ip's microft I will not be buying Halo 3 ODST or Halo wars but halo wars is the more respectable of the two because at least it isnt fully milking and is different genre.

and now I shall receive a bunch of disagrees and to those people clicking disagree I say dont buy Halo games in 2009 or else we will just have more overhyped and rated games a la Halo 3 but sidenote Halo 1 and 2 were good overall but singleplayer in 2 sucked.

That is all.

3395d ago
chaosatom3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Some people at Kotaku will declare the rts as game of the year as soon as it comes out.

People will always be biased. can't do anything about it and It will sell too, because of Microsoft's ad and halo name.

next will be gears 3, and then halo 4 on the new xbox. People who like halo will buy it, and I don't have anything to be jealous over because I was never into halo. Good for both parties.

Xwow20083395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

"Some people at Kotaku will declare the rts as game of the year as soon as it comes out"
They can,t do that STARCRAFT 2 is coming this year(halo wars is a garbage compared 2 ST2)and if they do that then kotaku !#@%!$%@^.

003395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

so far there are only 3 halo games that are out and the soon to be fourth, halo wars.

JokesOnYou3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

"Halo is just done"

Why?...because you say so?....I'm a Halo fan I love Halo3 and I can't wait for Halo3: ODST, the Halo RTS not so much since I'm not a big fan of RTS games. So yeah according to the alternate reality on n4g Halo3 sucks, yet its still has strong sales(after a yr+ still $59.99) and remains near the top of the Live play charts, hell a quick check of bestsellers on Amazon shows it selling ahead of LBP and COD5(ps3 version) and plenty of other great games that are still relatively new.

Please explain this, it can't all just be hype, somehow someway Halo3 just has to be fun to a whole alot of people.

vvvvvv oh and btw, I have a ps3 yet for some strange reason I still think Halo3 is a great game...weird I know.


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ThichQuangDuck3395d ago

I dont have a PS3 I am just saying Halo 3 was a dissapointment so why spend money on Halo 3 ODST , but I guess Halo wars is better my post was more directed at Halo 3 ODST. Im in no way a fanboy infact I have only played PS3 a few times and just think it doesnt have enough good games I want yet. But dont worry I expected to be called a fanboy and receive 9 word comments. I guess I just prefer Halo 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Fallout 3 and other FPS's sorry it upset you that someone's opinon differed from yours.

Nathan Drake3395d ago

Being honest in an Xbox 360 article is greatly looked down upon by the few Xbox 360 'elitists' on this website.

This is what you wrote:"Halo 3 was a disappointment"
This is what you should have wrote:"After playing Halo 3,I was amazed by the graphics,sound quality,and overall story.Without Master Chief,my life is incomplete,he is my hero and I,HongKongPhooey,aspire to one day be as great as the Green soldier.Thank you Microsoft,thank you Bungie,and God Bless Cortana."

Xi3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I'm going to declare MGS4 is a dissapoitment to any true MGS fan, in fact everything after MGS should be considered "milking" it, since kojima himself said he wouldn't make a sequel, then did, then said he wouldn't after mgs2, then did again... twice.

You can't make a claim like "that's milking it" based off of a personal opinion, because you found it boring fast. The least you could do was point to all the spin-off's and remakes of the games. Heck, point to all the collectable stuff, comic books, toys etc. Give some empirical reason why you belive that. Truth is there isn't any, there have been 3 halo games thus far, 1 expansion and 1 rts game, thats far less then the 9 or so metal gear games, and it's multitude of sublimation remakes. Or FF or Mario.

It's just a very shallow response.

FarEastOrient3395d ago

Hey Nathan I like how my HALO helmet looks sitting between my two PS3s, I also like how my Xbox 360 games are acting as a shelf for my Blu-Ray movies.

I'm a sucker for HALO and Resistance, forget Master Chief but thank God for Cortana!

I suggest everyone pre-order Killzone 2 on Amazon for the outfits...

anubis123395d ago

no one cares that you didnt like halo at saying halo is done....yeah right thats why halo 3 is still $59 new and $55 used....because the game still sells like hot cakes.....

and talking about halo this halo needs new ips....baaahhhh lol

halo 2
halo 3 + a expansion

you should look at final fantasy ..........and all the remake for other systems and you want to say get new ips....

ThichQuangDuck3395d ago

Just because Halo 3 still cost so much doesn't mean it is good if that is what your implying. The reason it still cost so much is because casuals buy it because it is fun to them. I think Microsoft makes great ip's I like halo 1+2 and Gears 1(awesome 2(not quite as good. What I am saying really is Microsoft should avoid making trilogies if their games are going to decrease in quality rather than improve. I dont play final fantasy other than I played tactics and might try 13 so cant comment on that.

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