A brief and bloody history of Aliens videogames

Destructoid writes:

"Despite having a considerable share of bad apples in the crop, Aliens must be one of the most consistent movie-to-game licenses in terms of quality. It is very rare that a movie series can be remembered fondly for its videogame adaptations, but the vast number of console and arcade classics have cemented the licence's place in history.

Perhaps it's because the Hollywood classic Aliens -- said be some to be of the few sequels even better than its predecessor -- is just so suited to a videogame environment. The endless waves of enemies and gun-toting marine bravado is almost game-like in its own right, all it needed was interactivity.

As a big fan of the videogames and the films that spawned them, and with Sega publishing Aliens: Colonial Marines later this year, I thought it might be nice if I took a stroll through the history of Aliens-themed gaming, highlighting significant entries and a few of those aforementioned bad apples."

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