Square Enix and the 360


"Square Enix's new infatuation with the 360 is something of a strange phenomenon, in a time when most publishers are looking to avoid potential risks and maximise revenue streams. Despite a contextually healthy 2008 for the 360 in Japan, it still boggles the mind as to why it'd release Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean IV and The Last Remnant exclusively on the 360 (though the latter will supposedly receive a belated PS3 port). The PS3 still has a dependable install base in Japan. I'm not saying that I personally long for any of those titles on the platform, but in an industry that has embraced multi-platform development, Square Enix's approach is seemingly old-fashioned."

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ICUP3509d ago

Because M$ pay truck of money to Square Enix, do you think Square Enix give a sh!t about 360 fail or not.

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UnSelf3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

We must remember that all devs wear a veil. Most of the time the only thing that determines whether it stays on or comes off is loyalty and/or money, and that there my friend is separated by a very thin line

Godmars2903509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

If they're games aren't selling on the system, aren't selling systems, I think they do/should care ICUP.

If you've got a title like WKC which is selling better on the other system, you should really be rethinking who you're supporting.

"and there’s a genuine chance that it’ll outsell the PS3 version"


Narutone663509d ago

about releasing their games on a last-gen optical drive. As you could see in all the torrent sites, piracy for the last-gen optical drive is very rampant.

N4360G3509d ago

Microsoft is paying Square Enix to bring games to the Xbox 360.

InMyOpinion3509d ago

Lol @ people who go the extra mile to push ctrl + 4 just to make MS look extra bad. Funny how you almost never see Sony written as $ony. Maybe the hate isn't as strong with MS...sorry, M$ fanboys ;)

CBaoth3509d ago

Think about it. Contrary to popular opinion here, JRPGs have always been a niche genre EVERYWHERE outside of Japan. In fact, while I can name ME, Fable2, Oblivion, and Fallout3 as multi-million sellers, not 1 JRPG has sold a million. I understand MS wants a Japanese presence, but in hindsight, it doesn't make much sense to throw money at SE for exclusives. MS doesn't have a handheld, which fair or not, comprises a bulk of SE's earnings in most years. MS's core audience, the Western gamer, isn't interested in JRPGs or their countless re-makes. MS should've spent just enough money to make sure SE became a 3rd party developer, but focused the majority of their financial backing to WRPG devs like Bethesda or Bioware (obviously before Bio was sold to EA). As a 360 fan, do you personally think the MS-SE marriage has bore anything fruitful yet? FF13 is still 2 yrs away for the majority of us.

InMyOpinion3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

I agree with you, my point was meant as universal for N4G though, not this thread in particular.

Trying to buy SE is pointless, if anything they should go after Bethesda and still keep securing third party exclusives. Like they've done with SE this holiday. Even if Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery weren't very good the business tactics was clever.

giovonti3509d ago

Maybe MS paid for the exclusive maybe not. But that's besides the point, what is strange is who gives a damn what MS buys? Does anybody gripe when Sony or Nintendo buys something? I mean no one complains about Sony buying up studios, would it make everyone happier if MS bought SE?

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zethos563509d ago

They were probably hope this would introduce a new group of gamers to their JRPGs and thus get more sales on their multi-plats.

It would probably help if 2 out of the 3 exclusives hadn't flopped.

TrevorPhillips3509d ago

Microsoft are screwing this up by buying every company

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militant073509d ago

the only one is screwd is ps3 onwers after all. square enix made alot of sucks games before. and the thier big hits isnt even out.

watch your mouth or go to open zone

cryymoar3509d ago

still kinda new to N4G so idk what gamer and open is.

SL1M DADDY3509d ago

He's just warning you to watch the use of terms like Xbot and Sony Droid. Those terms are welcome in the open zone but here in the gamer zone we try to adhere to the rules and keep from making derogatory statements... Of course, there are always a few exceptions to the rule but in most cases, the mods will ban you to the open zone if you use the terms too often.

Oh, and by the way, welcome to N4G.

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Flipfito3509d ago

yep even though i didnt care much about SE with MS .. im kinda glad theyre failing....not because you might think im a Fanbboy..i just dont like you guys....(Just being Honest)