A look back at an epic year in EVE Online


"2008 was quite a year for the sci-fi massively multiplayer online game, EVE Online. It was chock full of surprises -- both good and bad -- and of course the requisite drama you get when putting as many as 45,000 players in one galactic setting.

So much has happened that columnist Michael Lastucka has written a recap of 2008 in New Eden for Massive Gamer Magazine. Longtime EVE Online players also know him as Winterblink, someone who's been playing the game since its beta days, and he shares a bit of his perspective on the major happenings in EVE over the last year -- and what a year it was"

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user94220773482d ago

Ye, EVE online had a successfull year IMO

Speed-Racer3482d ago

wow pretty awesome graphics

user94220773481d ago

Have to have a pretty high end PC, though.