TR: Toshiba Regza 46ZV555D 46in LCD TV

TrustedReviews writes:

"At last year's IFA Toshiba unveiled a new processing system for its LCD TVs called Resolution+, which uses the Cell Broadband Engine (developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM and as sported by the PS3) to upscale standard definition sources to 'near hi-def'. The company says 99 per cent of programmes broadcast in the UK are in standard definition, and therefore Resolution+ offers a way of boosting the quality of those programmes in order to narrow the gap between SD and HD material.

Although we questioned Toshiba's strategy when the technology was announced at IFA - talking about the prevalence of SD and the move towards 4k TVs in the same breath - we can certainly see the logic in this new technology. After all, it'll be a while before free-to-air HD content is widely available, and standard-def DVDs are still most people's movie media of choice - all of which means there's plenty for this new tech to get its teeth into."

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