LaptopBroker: Lenovo ThinkPad Z61t Review

LaptopBroker: "Lenovo ThinkPad Z61T is among the multimedia oriented notebooks. It is a subtle combination of convenience and mobility of a notebook with functionality and performance of a desktop. It is easily manageable and very reliable. The widescreen display is the first of its kind, ever on a ThinkPad.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z61t has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with speed of 2.0 GHz. This 1.83GHz T2400 notebook supports a maximum RAM memory of 3 GB while the in-built memory is 2GB. Operating system is Windows XP Professional. It has a DVD recordable drive and a 60GB hard disk. Bluetooth connectivity is present but there is no infrared. It has a three-year warranty."

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