Killzone 2: Final Build Video Footage writes:

Next month will mark a turning point for the PlayStation 3 with the release of Killzone 2. To further increase the anticipation for the launch of Killzone 2, we have three new gameplay videos for you, which showcase the final build of the game.

Click the link for the videos...

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Beg For Mercy3421d ago

this game looks insane for real, come on xbox only owners join us in this epic game

DavidMacDougall3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

They can't because people will quote them talking smack about the ps3 a year ago like little fanboys

LOL @ the disagree.

Ok your probably right they would but a ps3 and play it then tell there friends on live they have a GF named John LOL

jaysquared3421d ago

Game looks good but no way does it compare to 2005 CGI Target render they showed in E3... Sony again overhyping and underdelivering.. Like i've been saying before all the stages i've seen in game videos are are really dark. They probably made it that way so that they didn't have to work on the levels much. Darkness=lazy devs!

As far as the game IMO 360 owners are not missing much. Just like i've been saying KZ2 is a typical FPS nothing special. We all know that the Xbox= FPS console! So really not point on buying a PS3 for this game when you already have a 360 and its enormous amount of FPS games!

PirateThom3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Halo is just a typical FPS, but it doesn't stop the media and Joe Bloggs drooling over it.

And, to be entirely fair, Halo 3 never matched its target render either. Microsoft, once again, overpromising and underdelivering? Or is that only true when it's Sony?

jaysquared3421d ago

Definitely agree that Halo3 was a typical FPS but I dont remember any target renders that M$ put out for it.. Other than those commercials that were running and a preview which was mostly in game footage. But with KZ2 Sony at first said that the CGI movie that was shown was actually in game footage but was later caught in a lie.

Everything has pretty much been done in the FPS genre there really not much room for improvement and innovation other than in graphics which still can be improved... COD4 was amazing because of all the customazation and detailed leveling up made it really addicting!

PataponKnight3421d ago

Jay you just got owned, so you should keep your mouth shut.

Kleptic3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

^^no...MS never promised this as in game...that was obviously movie quality pre-rendered video; no one would have bought that as real time...

the issue was more with the E3 2006 and e3 2007 trailers...2006 showed a cut-scene of some sort that was never confirmed nor denied to be in game...the only thing looked about 100 times better than gameplay of the final title...iirc the 2006 trailer was still a cutscene in the final game, but it was obviously using a lot more than the regular in game assets...

Video 1 is 2006, 2 is 2007...

I just got done watching the new review killzone 2 vid again in HD...and all i can say its...laugh out fecking loud when watching these halo 3 things afterwards...seriously...pause the second video at that character model to the landing sequence of killzone 2...I can't believe these two games are even from the same generation...

jaysquared3421d ago

Like Kleptic said M$ never promised those teasers/trailers as target renders.. They were just what they were meant to be a tralier/teaser!

JokesOnYou3421d ago

I dont get it....KZ2 looked better in other vids I've seen, hopefully this is just the vid quality because I just dont see the "OMG visuals" that some are screaming about in these vids.


cayal3421d ago

@ jaysquared - you are one of the biggest jealous fanboys I've seen on this site.

ButterToast3421d ago

I was in the beta and the Beta graphics easily wowed me. maybe you just have unrealistic expectations?

InMyOpinion3421d ago

The game looks awesome. My only gripe with these videos is that it looks too easy. I hope you can kick up the difficulty a couple of nothces at least.

cayal3421d ago

Didn't GG say the AI is toned down for the test plays?

Genki3421d ago

Although I disagree with JokesOnYou, how can he have unrealistic expectations when he's referring to OLD, playable footage?

gaffyh3421d ago

The final build looks awesome, I remember seeing the video last year and I though that the smoke (when the plane gets hit and goes down) looked a bit worse than the cg trailer in 2005, but everything else was better. Now the smoke looks A LOT better than the CG trailer, I can't believe they've been able to surpass that trailer in EVERY way.

Ju3421d ago

Somebody posted a real 720p footage yesterday. Basically the same content. But boy does that make a difference. The little videos don't wow me no more, but I had that hooked up to my 42" yesterday, just to watch that movie (movie, yes, because that what it turns into). Stunning. That's actually the first time where scaling down doesn't do the game justice because you loose so many details.

The Killer3421d ago

who thinks the AI is too easy, a game with this quality deserves a better AI

ThanatosDMC3421d ago

Wow, that guy on the second gameplay vid really sucks. He's maybe 10 feet away from that enemy and he couldnt shoot him even if the guy was sleeping!

LeonSKennedy4Life3421d ago

The popular video you may all recall of a certain Sony executive saying it was in-game was edited. It's already been proven.

Sony NEVER said it was in-game. They said AT THE CONFERENCE that it was all target-render.

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MrWonderful3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

i just got my gamestop codes and they dont work! it says valid 2/5-2/26.wat a freakin ripoff. on topic i cant wait to play this beast

edit: @ fishy yeah the gamestop demo. i got codes to hand out to people on here that cant get it right away.

Fishy Fingers3421d ago

Code for what? The demo? It doesnt go live until the 5th of Feb.

3421d ago
3421d ago

:'( Tears of joy.I never tought i will see consoles do this type of graphics... :'(

Handsome_Devil3421d ago

hit me with a code as well if possible

eXo83421d ago

He's referring to the Gamestop preorder beta codes.

Preorder from Gamestop, start playing KZ2 a month before official release.

Ju3421d ago

Quote: "it says valid 2/5-2/26"...didn't know we had Feb. already. You can't download anything before Feb. 5th.

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ReTarDedFisHy3421d ago

But I'm letting the anticipation build so when I actually get my hands on Killzone 2 it'll kick me in the face and blow me away.

DavidMacDougall3421d ago

Someone said don't watch the videos last time because the ending was really amazing so i didn't and im not going to watch this either

GiantEnemyLobster3421d ago

Doesn't look like it to me. Expect patches.

she00win993421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

your face is so ugly, you need patches to cover it up..

DavidMacDougall3421d ago

LOL god people must hate you in real life if you need this much attention

Rhythmattic3421d ago


K2 is gonna boil you.

Rs3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Any games that ain't viva pinata doesn't satisfy you right? You poor little soul.

NegativeCreep4273421d ago

I just hate the fact that every video is played by some idiot that is too used to using the mindless "run-and-gun" style and doesn't use the more tactical style of the game and display the new cover system.

@ GiantEnemyLobster

You're just a F'n envious d!ckhead that will try to discredit anything the PS3 has to offer, even if you know you have no authentication for it.

Your nothing but a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

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bomboclaat_gamer3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

looks good. but nothing like the CG as what some people are saying. i might get a PS3 for this.....on second thought i cant spend 400 for a ps3 just for one game. so i guess ill pass on this good shooter

MIKEY12233421d ago

not just one game you can get a whole orgasmic salad of games

3421d ago
Iceberg0323421d ago

It's not just killzone 2 that is gonna be a great PS3 exsclusive this year havn't you heard of God Of War III,Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain,infamous and ect and ect and ect the list goes on come join the fun!!

eXo83421d ago

It looks BETTER than the original CG. Playing beta live on my 5.1 60 inch LCD had me renounce my former PC loyalty.

Saying you're going to pass on KZ2 is like saying you're going to pass on the Filet Mignon after stuffing yourself with petty appetizers and salads.

Your loss.

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TheHater3421d ago

Heavy Rain look better base on what I seen of both of them. But Killzone 2 does have more stuff going on at once on the screen. While Heavy Rain isn't as action orientated as Killzone 2.

Cajun Chicken3421d ago

That is a mighty fine looking game, I can't wait to see it on my TV.

PotNoodle3421d ago

Killzone 2 has a much better lighting engine and the particle effects are amazing when seen in action.

ICUP3421d ago

Not so fast buddy, wait for GOW 3 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves to come out.

Ju3421d ago

Its still the best looking game coming out in the near future. Can be an evolution and won't end with KZ2. None the less, the best which is on the market NOW. This is a good thing. I am more excited, that its just not one title hitting that level, it just tells us we can expect this high end visuals as a standard for PS3 games at some point.

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