Sony Brings Infamous, Killzone 2 & Resistance Retribution To CES

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Yep, you read it right. Sony is bringing out the big guns tomorrow at the CES."

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ICUP3419d ago


hope to hear more on Infamous.


Infamous looks very promising.Hopefuly the can give us more info on the game.And since killzone2 is only weeks away from getting relased i hope they show us something mind blowing.As for resistance i did not really like resistance2 so i dont care about the psp version.

thor3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I'm not sure if I'll want to get Infamous. I mean, haven't we had enough free-running games lately?

Assassin's Creed
Uncharted (well Uncharted 2 will have free-running anyway)
Mirror's Edge
Prince of Persia

They seem to be obsessed with it at the moment. Hopefully it's just a craze. It always looks odd; and I know the guy's a superhero but in other games (PoP I'm looking at you) it makes no sense.

The electric superpowers I AM interested in, though. It's like a licensed superhero game, except it's actually by a talented dev studio and isn't being rushed out to tie in with the movie release. If there's enough variety in the powers he has, it could be very interesting. Also, if their morality system actually works and isn't a typically lame (we've seen it before) "if you kill X number of people the people hate you, otherwise they love you" kind of system, it will prove an interesting gameplay mechanic and could make the game quite fun to play, knowing that your actions have consequences.

Aclay3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )


I really wouldn't call InFamous a "Free-Running" game, it's an Open World game.

In Infamous, you can make decisions to do good or be evil and the choices you make will impact the rest of the game.

A little info on Infamous taken from an article:

"As the player completes the main goals, side opportunities to help the citizens of Empire City will be presented; an example given by Game Informer includes a scenario where, on the way to defuse a bomb, the player is presented with a heavily injured woman that needs medical treatment; the option whether to stop and save her or to continue on will influence the development of Cole.

This is tracked through a karma system which influences the growth of Cole's powers, some being enhanced by good deeds, while ignoring the pleas of the citizens will favor the growth of other powers.

The karma system will also affect how the citizens react to Cole; if the player has helped citizens, they may come to Cole's help in certain battles, while in the contrary position, the citizens may flee as Cole approaches. However, the player is able to alter their karma and pursue the alternate direction should they want to"

Sucker Punch has always developed quality games, and I have faith in them. To me InFamous looks like tons of fun, and looks like it will have plenty of replayability and it will most likely be a first day purchase for me as well as Killzone 2.

Lifendz3419d ago

you know why? Cuz I will be getting Infamous when it drops! Don't play yourself. SuckerPunch knows how to make great games. Greg Miller already gave it major respect on his preview. And yeah, I like to own the AAA in house games.

Next purchases:
Killzone (already pre-ordered)
Street Fighter 4 (collectors edition)
Resident Evil 5 (this one is sort of a maybe)

thor3419d ago

Damn, forgot to put the positive stuff first, I forgot people only read the first half of your post and then get bored.

I mentioned their morality or karma system or whatever it's called. I'm skeptical as to whether it will actually be more than we've seen in other games, but I hope it can be.

The fact that it's a superhero game that isn't a licence or movie tie-in is exciting, because nearly all of them are and that means they're not as good as they could be.

I was only having a rant about how now it's cool to make a free-running game and what might have sounded like a cool idea that sets their game apart from the crowd now seems like an overused mechanic that makes it blend in.

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RRoDReaper3419d ago

Tech that went into developing the games? Idk, but maybe they should do that thing with GT5 where they used 4 pS3s to display 4 X 1080p resolution

cmrbe3419d ago

my second and 3rd mos anticipated game this year. Yes.

Cajun Chicken3419d ago

Its Infamous VS Prototype even before release date?


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