Electric Playground: Paranormal Agency Review

Electric Playground writes:
"The credits for Paranormal Agency list exactly two people, both given the simple credit of "Producer." I am wondering if these two producers are in fact the entire development team, having done all the art, code, story and audio themselves. It would explain a lot. And while Paranormal Agency might be an impressive personal achievement for two people, it's a pretty awful game. The story (which interrupts the game far too often) is full of seemingly random and often misspelled dialogue (one newspaper clipping refers to poltergeists "knocking and schreeching"). The item hunting is as by the numbers as it gets, but environments and objects repeat far too often. Then there's the low-budget music, which grates on the nerves. Sorry, can't recommend this one."

• Standard hidden object fare

• Horrible story and dialogue
• Annoying music
• Objects repeat often

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