Playing With Others: The act of betrayal

Destructoid writes:

"We had done it. My brother and I had worked our way through the ranks, up from the streets, taking down the sprawling criminal syndicate that threatened to snuff out the last shred of decency the town had left. The road had been long and hard, and we had lost countless lives, but thankfully they were all ours, and we had plenty to spare. A carnival of bizarre, deformed goons assaulted us; their twisted visages and cheap throw moves demonstrated the extent of the evil we had to overcome. And overcome them we did, flying kick after flying kick. We kept our heads the entire way: we split the loot evenly, shared the weapons, and used the special moves to our advantage.

Our teamwork and dedication led us to the top of the tower, the penthouse suite where the big boss, Mr. X, held court. Together, we broke down the door and charged in, ready to fight our final foe. We were not prepared for what Mr. X had in store for us."

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