Totals, Statistics, and Analysis of the 2008 World Videogame Market

This article is huge...but included within are best sellers by region, total hardware sales, market growth from 06' to 08', every game to sell over 3m worldwide in 2008, general predictions for 2009, and numerous images/charts to back up the claims.

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mint royale3510d ago

whilst the wii and DS's growth in particular are outstanding. The ps3 and xbox 360 have also shown equal sales since the ps3's release which is good for the market as competition will be rife throughout both system's lifetimes.

Europe is also proving itself to be a market as important as the North American one with huge sales. However it is the Japanese market that seems to be the sorry sight with only the 360 and psp showing any year to year growth.

Breakfast3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

You leave people little room to troll.

Wii - 26,177,888
X360 - Murdered
PS3 - Murdered

man0fsteel3510d ago

ahh put that back up breakfast... i saw that


i actually agree with you for once

heroicjanitor3510d ago

And the devolution of games with story and emotion begins, back to mini-games it seems :(

MasFlowKiller3510d ago

Not Sure About these numbers just because i was under the impression sony didn't manage to sell 10mil, you know becuase of the interview by some Sony executive saying they didnt think they were going to reach the 10 mil goal for the year

rockleex3510d ago

Have you turned over a new leaf?

You used to just troll on Sony articles all the time.

Milky Joe3509d ago

I was surprised to see the PS3 and 360 so close too each other. What with all the tales of the PS3 not selling and how it was on the verge of collapse.

The only region the PS3 isn't putting up a fight with the 360 is the US, so I guess that says something about where most of the negative articles arise.

Moral of the story is the PS3 is doing just fine.

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PS3 and 360 are basically neck and neck since the ps3's launch.

Looks like the Wii will overtake the DS next year too, which equals more casual games. Yes!

MasFlowKiller3510d ago

if this are the right numbers then i sony did not do that bad, the difference is not even a full million,

i think the number are wrong

wii ftw3510d ago

nintendo has really hit the jackpot.

mint royale3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

so yes along way ahead but the 3rd year for the ps2 is when it started hotting up but it is already too far behind IMO.

For additional comparison here is the hardware table for selected systems with launches aligned at just over 2 years of their lifetime:

1.Nintendo Wii: 45 Million
2.Nintendo DS: 35 Million
3.Playstation 2: 25 Million
4=.Playstation 3: 19 Million
4=.Sony PSP: 19 Million
5.Xbox 360: 16 Million
6.Xbox: 13 Million
7.Gamecube 10 Million

jaysquared3510d ago

"The wii is at 45 million whilst the ps2 at the same point in its lifetime was at 25 million
so yes along way ahead but the 3rd year for the ps2 is when it started hotting up but it is already too far behind IMO. "

The PS2 started heating up in its 3rd year because it had a price drop from $299 to $199! The Wii hasn't even seen a price drop yet! Wait till it drops it price.. Ninty won't be able to keep them in stock!

ravinash3510d ago

Fact is Nintendo don't need a price drop.
They have enough of name for them selves to keep the ball rolling in the casual market that even is the other consoles matched the price, the Wii would still keep selling.

ReBurn3510d ago

Interesting article. A lot of people are going to disagree with the numbers, though.

mint royale3510d ago

I don't think you can really claim any sort of bias in the article though as it seems fair and logical.

Sangria3510d ago

Of course, this belongs to the VGchartz conspiracy.

akaFullMetal3510d ago

wow, didnt realize how neck and neck the ps3 and 360 are

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