GRRLGAMER: Neopets Puzzle Adventure Review

GRRLGAMER: "Having had an account on the Neopets website since 2001, I was, not surprisingly, fairly excited to get my hands on my first real-world video game set in the Neopets universe. In short, my experience with the newest offering set in the magical world of Neopia wasn't exactly what I had expected, but that is as much of a positive as it is a negative.

Based in three Neopian worlds: Shenkuu (think Japan or China), The Lost Desert (Egypt) and Mystery Island (Hawaii, or any other tropical island), the storyline of Neopets Puzzle Adventure follows your character (which is created through a simplistic process of naming, choosing a gender, species and color) on their journey through said trio or worlds on an impropmtu quest of sorts, to save not only the lands of Shenkuu, The Lost Desert and Mystery Island from mass destruction, but ultimately to save the whole of Neopia."

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