GRRLGAMER: The Legend of Kage 2 Review

GRRLGAMER: "The Legend of Kage was from long before my gaming years. In fact, I must have been about 7 at the time the game was making its arcade debut, and was shortly after released on the NES. Nowadays, you can find it available for download on the Wii Virtual Console. Fortunately, no prior knowledge of the original is required to play this 'sequel.'

In The Legend of Kage 2, you can play as either Kage or Chihiro, respectively your male and female protagonists. The basic (and may I add, cliche) storyline is still the same regardless of who you pick to play as - Kirihime, a princess possessing extraordinary powers, is kidnapped - but for each character, there will be different events as well. It's your job as either Ninja to face the never ending hordes of enemies and win challenging boss fights as you attempt to find Kirihime and get her back."

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