Rock Band 3 not likely this year, Harmonix to focus on Beatles game

DarkZero: Speaking at the CES panel - the prelude to the all singing all dancing Consumer Electronics Show, which will be kicking off in Las Vegas, Nevada tomorrow (January 8th) - Harmonix's CEO and co-founder, Alex Rigopulos, has spoken out to say that a third edition of Rock Band should not be expected in 2009.

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Heldrasil3182d ago

Just add more song DLC...I don't see how any "music" game can possibly have a new edition every year.

BrotherNick3182d ago

Yeah, unless it comes out with a bunch of songs, that's fine...60 for 80 songs? not bad at all.

ropelli903181d ago

yeah... just give me more megadeth, dream theater, disturbed, judas priest, metallica and maybe some other full albums via DLC and i'll be fine, 2 albums a week would be nice...

please... no rb3 thanks... but if you give it, give it to us europeans first this time, we have earned it...

Heldrasil3181d ago

I wont by any music game, I'll play it at a friends house...just wont buy it for myself until I see some Northern European bands like Dimmu Borgir and Wintersun...probably will never happen.